How does digital marketing survive in a cookie free world?

Sue Fennessy

April 21, 2021

Targeting and advertising cookies have been the backbone of the digital marketing landscape since inception. We’ve all seen it, whether you searched for the latest gadget or researched a holiday online, you’re now seeing ads all over every website you search. As technology has evolved over the last decade, we’ve seen increased sophistication in the tracking of consumers and the delivery of ads, which leaves us all wondering, how are these brands getting my information? 

Over the last few years, the use of cookies has become extremely controversial. People have, quite rightly, started to raise questions and concerns about their data privacy. Governments around the world have started cracking down on privacy and protection. It’s following this pressure that Firefox and Safari stopped using third party cookies to track consumers. And last year Google announced that they would be following suit. The tech giant revealed they are going to phase out the use of third party cookies completely by 2022. With Google Chrome making up 56% of the web browser market this leaves the rest of the advertising reliant web publishers in a fragile state. It has left many in the industry wondering how they are going to effectively target their consumers.


Google’s motivation for the change is questionable as they have a lot to gain from blocking the rest of the ad ecosystem from accessing consumer data. The biggest question is, how does the industry evolve and what does the future look like?

We see the evolution of the industry rewarding consumers for their time and their data and will put them at the economic centre of the advertising ecosystem. This change will force brands to build relationships with their consumers based on trust and engage with them in a more meaningful and thoughtful way. When brands use zero party data actively and intentionally provided by their target consumers, the delivery of subsequent brand messages and communications is much more respectful. 

The days of accessing consumer data without people’s permission are over. The future is consumer respect and a clear value exchange. The results of this are in the data.

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