Why Mother Earth is depending on the ad industry to embrace #SustainableMedia.

Sue Fennessy

July 15, 2021

We are all seeing this play out before our eyes - Canada and California are battling wildfires, the oceans are heating 24% faster than they did 2 decades ago and carbon emissions have soared to the second highest rate in history.  The shocking reality is that we have 8 years to reverse climate change before the damage we have done to our precious planet is irreversible. 

But there is hope!

I just signed the Sustainable Marketer Manifesto created by industry leaders and authors Michelle Carvill and Gemma Butler. They have created the 'Hippocratic Oath' for marketers with 3 very simple, clear commitments that every marketer can make and I agree with them that "there is no better place to affect change than an educated, aware and responsible marketer."  Their book 'Sustainable Marketing - How to drive profit with purpose' is also a brilliant guide for every marketer who cares about the planet, wants to build a loved brand and a healthy future for their organisation.

Brands are stepping up their sustainability commitments and realising they have a bigger role to play in the solution - Becoming carbon neutral is brilliant and such a critical first step, and the work Ad Net Zero is doing to lead the way on this is phenomenal. But we need to do more if we are going to save the planet. Billions of people across the globe are depending on corporations to do even more and lead the way in saving our planet. Many companies have focused on their supply chains and are working to ensure that the footprint they leave is less than the one they create. This is a great start, but for most companies, one of their biggest line items is their digital advertising/media spend and the current tech platforms are not delivering sustainable, impactful or transparent ad delivery.


We understand that if a tech alternative is going to be truly sustainable and good for people and the planet, it needs to deliver stronger business and media ROI. And sustainability, by definition means that all parties benefit.

Six years ago, we realised that in order to give brands a truly sustainable, digital ad delivery alternative and inspire them to shift meaningful dollars back to people and the planet, we needed to meet 5 key criteria:


The harsh truth is that we have approximately 10.6 million marketers on the planet, but unless there is an alternative that is substantially better than the current digital options, agencies will not shift significant dollars.
But this is a new era in ad distribution.
It has taken us 6 years and we have invested over 23 million dollars in building the solution, and now we are making sustainable media accessible to all through our self-serve engine. We enable every brand to deliver their ads in a way that guarantees full attention of target audiences, all while making positive social impact. We have built a solution to make it so easy for you to do the right thing in a way that delivers substantially better media ROI.

No one can ever accuse you of ‘greenwashing’ again when you are putting your money where your mouth is and deploying your ads on WeAre8 to directly support people and the planet. 

Learn more at or contact me.

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