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We are inspired. We are empowered. WeAre8.

We were born out of our founder’s obsession with the injustice and greed of the big tech platforms and how they strip humanity of its value. Now that we've built the technology - the 8 community is coming together to celebrate on the WeAre8 feed. Uniting millions of people and thousands of brands to change the world.

Together, we can solve the world’s biggest problems and have fun doing it.

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Our community.

When we stand together, we can call on brands to put their money and muscle with people and the planet rather than the tech giants.

In the WeAre8 app, you can access the 8 community feed where you can get inspired by amazing people and celebrate with others committed to changing the world.

Install the WeAre8 app and join the party.


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What is WeAre8?

Join the community doing good and change the world in just 2 minutes a day on WeAre8.


Change the world and subsidise your EE mobile bill.

WeAre8 has partnered with mobile operator EE. Now EE customers can auto-pay their EE mobile bill and make positive social impact.


Why brands should give their advertising spend to people and our planet.

Join us in calling on brands to value and respect us - to fuel good for people and the planet.