Celebr8 Endangered Species Day 2021!

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

May 21, 2021

This Endangered Species Day we are celebrating the animals that need our help and taking action to protect them to ensure a healthy planet for every species within it. 


We need a balanced ecosystem. 

Wildlife species are vital to the health of the ecosystem and our planet. Once these species go extinct, it throws off the balance within the ecosystem - the loss of one species triggers another, then another…


According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, about one-third of all known species are threatened with extinction globally. And a quarter of native mammals are now at risk of extinction in the UK as reported by the Mammal Society.These species are going extinct at an alarming rate. 

As humans, we need a healthy, sustainable ecosystem to survive. This ensures clean water and air and food and agricultural resources. Our health depends on our wildlife surviving and thriving.

8 ways to take action and protect Endangered Species. 

We all can help protect the most critically Endangered Species (even from home!)

We have put together 8 ways everyone can take action to stand up for endangered wildlife.

Let's work to protect all species on our planet! 

Learn more how you can use your earnings from watching brand video ads on WeAre8 to support wildlife protection charities, like WWF, Blue Cross for Pets, and World Animal Protection.

Sources: International Union for Conservation of Nature, Mammal Society.

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