Change the world and subsidise your EE mobile bill on WeAre8.

WeAre8 Community Team

April 29,2021

We’re thrilled to announce that WeAre8 has partnered with mobile operator EE, to bring EE customers the opportunity to reduce their EE mobile bill and make a significant social impact. 

Every year, brands across the UK spend 26 Billion Pounds trying to get their ads in front of people. All of this money goes to tech giants and none of it ends up in the pockets of people watching ads, or to the causes that matter. Our technology has changed this, ensuring that advertisers can now pay you directly to watch their ads, rather than the middlemen. Now, each time you watch a brand video on WeAre8, you can also get money off your EE bill and a donation will be made to charity.

How do I sign up?

Starting is easy. You sign up to WeAre8 on our website or through our mobile app to receive brand videos via push notification, email or SMS at a time that suits you. Next you receive engaging and inspirational content that you can opt-in to and accept. Then, you get paid and a donation is made, it’s that simple. 

Get inspired and watch brand videos.    

We know how frustrating it can be to have ads bombarding you at inconvenient times and not being economically rewarded at all. WeAre8 features inspiring videos and stories from brands that want to pay you to watch their ads. You now have complete control over when and what you watch. If you do choose to accept any brand ad, you will be prompted to answer 1-3 questions, and then, you get paid and a donation is made to charity. You can also get inspired by the community on the feed in the WeAre8 app.  

Get paid by brands.   

Every time you watch a brand ad and answer questions, you will be paid into your wallet in the WeAre8 app. For every 30 second brand ad you watch, you will be paid between 5p-20p, with 1p-2p going to charity. The money you earn can then be used to pay off your mobile phone bill. Now, in just 2 minutes a day, you can earn money, make an impact, and help change the world.

Make an impact every day.    

With every brand video watched, donations are made to charity every day. We have 8 different categories of charities we support: poverty, climate, health, education, equality, water, peace, and animal welfare. In addition to the donation made after each video you watch; you also have the option to pay your earnings forward to a great cause. 

Some of the charities we support are UNICEF, Comic Relief, and WWF. With 10 million people across the UK spending 2 minutes a day on WeAre8, just imagine the incredible change we can make together. 

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