Get paid to watch video ads and change the world on WeAre8. 

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

May 25, 2021

What can you do in 2 minutes?

On WeAre8, you can change the world and get paid just by watching brand video ads for 2 minutes from anywhere at any time!

Get paid to watch videos.

We have made it simple to earn money and feel valued by brands. You watch brand video ads delivered to you when and how (SMS, push notification, or email) you want. After completing the video and answering 1-3 questions, you earn money in your spare time and can do whatever your heart desires with it! Transfer to your PayPal, donate to any charity of your choice, or if you’re an EE customer, you can auto-pay your phone bill! 

We exist to empower and unite millions of people. We want you to feel valued and rewarded by watching ads, relieving economic pressure and also giving you the opportunity to stand up for the causes you care about. 

So while commuting to work, waiting for a table at the pub, or even during (unpaid) ads as you watch your fav programme - watch brand video ads on WeAre8 and earn some money!

Pay it forward and make more impact. 

We understand times may be tough and we can’t be out volunteering, striking, or donating as much we have in PC (Pre-COVID) times but we can use our voices and just 2 minutes to support our favourite charities and causes that we care about.

Brands make donations to charity each time you watch but you can also use your earnings to donate to any charity of your choice and make more impact! There are 8 impact areas that WeAre8 highlights, climate change, food, health, education, equality, water, peace, and animal welfare. If you’re keen to help end food poverty, check out organisations like FareShare and Mary’s Meals. By donating 25p to FareShare, it gets someone a meal in need. And when our community donates £15.90 to Mary’s Meals, a child is fed for an entire school year.

In your wallet in the WeAre8 app, check out the ‘Pay It Forward’ option and choose your favourite charity for the donation to be made. You can choose any percentage of your earnings, as much or as little as you desire. It is that easy!

Some charities that received donations from the 8 community last month are Mary’s Meals, The Trussell Trust, Just Like Us, and Plastic Oceans. Way to go 8 community!

Plastic Oceans Logo

We champion you and put you back in the driver’s seat of the ad experience. This is a judgment-free zone, YOU decide what to do with your money earned by watching ads. We’re just here to empower you and celebrate changing the world together.

Here’s to changing the world and getting paid at the same time! 

Join our community and start receiving paid brand video ads today. 

Get started.

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