Solve the world’s biggest problems with WeAre8.

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

April 14, 2021

What are you passionate about?
Reversing climate change? Getting meals to those facing hunger in your community? Saving the forests? Fighting for racial equality and injustice? Sustainability? 

What if you could help solve these problems in just 2 minutes a day? Well, now you can with WeAre8! 

What is WeAre8?
WeAre8 are on a mission to unite people so that collectively, we can change the world and address some of the world’s biggest problems. Whether it is the climate crisis, the increasing levels of hunger in your community, inequality and injustices you’re passionate about - you will have your voice heard and be able to support these causes on WeAre8. 

How does it work? 
When you sign up to WeAre8, you are opting in to receive brand videos through your preferred communication method, at a time and frequency that suits you. For every video you watch, you get paid and a donation is made to charity - it really is that easy to support causes you care about!

What is the 8 app?
Once you complete a brand video, you’ll get paid between 10-20p directly into your wallet in the 8 app. What you do with the money, is your choice. You can pay your earnings forward to any charity of your choice, pay off your mobile bill with EE, or transfer directly to your Paypal account.

8 areas of impact
We focus on 8 areas of impact on our platform - climate change, food, health, education, equality, water, peace, and animal welfare. Global charities benefit and are able to extend the reach and success of their initiatives and make a real tangible difference. 

When FareShare gets a 25p donation, 1 meal is provided to someone facing hunger in the UK. By supporting charities, like Fareshare, your simple act of watching a video on WeAre8 can help solve the world’s biggest problems, like the hunger crisis. 

Use your power and voice to change the world with WeAre8. If you’re from the UK, you can sign up to receive brand videos here. 

Install the WeAre8 app to access your wallet and get inspired by the 8 community feed.

If you're a brand or influencer looking to share your video messages with your target consumers, WeAre8 is the only channel that guarantees their time and attention for up to 2 minutes. If you want to build brand love and trust, we are the perfect compliment to your paid social, search and TV campaigns. Visit our brand page to learn more. Or experience the ease and effectiveness of our self-serve campaign engine for yourself.

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