Change Makers - Amy Meek, Kids Against Plastic

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

April 20, 2021

kids against plastic litter pick up

Around the world, people are using their voices to create positive change in their local communities and making a global impact.

WeAre8 has launched our ‘Change Makers’ interview series to put a spotlight on these incredible individuals using their voices for good. 

WeAre8 CEO and Founder, Sue Fennessy, sits down and chats with these trailblazing individuals to learn more about what motivated them to become Change Makers and how they work to inspire others to join them in creating change. 

Interview Spotlight - Amy Meek, Co-Founder of Kids Against Plastic

Sue had the amazing opportunity to speak with the lovely co-founder of Kids Against Plastic, Amy Meek.
Amy and her sister, Ella, founded Kids Against Plastic after studying the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, specifically number 14: Life Below Water, and travelling around the world. Through this, they learned the disastrous impact plastic pollution has on the environment. 

Kids Against Plastic campaigns against single-use plastic in the UK, galvanising young people to speak up and take action against plastic pollution. So far, they have picked up nearly 80,000 pieces of plastic litter across the UK - consisting of plastic bottles, lids, cups, straws (and micro-plastics) from beaches, forests, road-sides, anywhere they can find them. Kids Against Plastic also offers countless resources and tools for young people to learn and take action against plastic pollution. They have launched several campaigns for youth social activism in their schools, own communities, and with Amy and Ella. 

Amy is a strong advocate of including the youth perspective and voice in the climate conversation and solutions. Expressing her frustration, “so often the youth voice is taken as something token… getting a youth activist to come and speak about tackling an issue then doing nothing off the back of that… we don’t just want to be invited to tick a corporate check box”, Amy calls for governments and corporations to listen and work with young people as it is their future and future generations lives on the line. 

Watch Amy's full interview.

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