Why we need climate action now

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

April 14, 2021


We are living in a climate emergency - as many of us know and acknowledge yet some still disregard.
Humans have caused the increase in harmful effects related to the environment and we need to be the ones working to reverse it.

We need world leaders not only to declare a climate emergency but also need to step up and put sustainable initiatives in place that will protect the planet for us now and future generations.

Science does not lie.

This past year, we have seen dramatic changes in climate. These extremes play a massive role in many aspects of our lives and highlight the urgency of climate intervention and action by our leaders.

In 2020,

Impact on our global resources:

Impact on our health:

The climate is getting worse and has a great impact on all of us now and for future generations. Our health, resources, livelihoods, are all affected and it needs to be taken seriously.


We need governments and leaders to:

It is our responsibility to put pressure on these leaders through protesting (digitally in the COVID era) and posting on social media expressing our demands. When we stand united, they can’t continue ignoring the climate crisis.

You can help reverse climate change, just by spending 2 minutes a day watching brand video ads. Find out more here.

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