Why WeAre8 is throwing the biggest celebration on the planet.

Maggie Chestler
WeAre8 Community Lead

May 18, 2021

There has never been a place where just by showing up, you’re changing the world. Until now. 

When you’re on WeAre8, brands are supporting you and the causes that matter most to you. The joint power of brands and people can make infinite positive change! Just by watching 2 minutes of brand video ads a day and being a part of the 8 community, you’re changing the world. And this calls for the biggest celebration on the planet!

Celebr8 and connect with brands. 

We have built a solution that enables millions of people and thousands of brands to connect and make infinite positive change. We’re excited to feature brands our community can unite and celebrate with. 

We’re thrilled Mondelez is now sharing their Cadbury Cocoa Life campaign with the 8 community! "Cocoa Life is on a long-term journey to create a vibrant, strong cocoa supply chain while growing opportunities that transform the lives and livelihoods of farmers and their communities. We believe that empowered, thriving cocoa communities are the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa." - Cathy Pieters, Program Director, Cocoa Life.

By watching their brand video ad, you’re working directly with Cadbury, a brand that prioritises people and the planet. In under a minute, you’re joining their movement for change and standing up for Cocoa farmers and their communities. (And you’re getting paid!)

Celebr8 with the global WeAre8 community.

In the WeAre8 feed, we want you to get inspired and unite in support of causes, but most importantly celebr8 and feel elev8ed with our global community doing good! 

We can spend 2 minutes a day, watching brand videos, make some extra money and change the world. It is a magical feeling that you can share with friends as you connect with them on the WeAre8 app. You can jump for joy, break out in your best dance moves, or give yourself a pat on the back as what you’re doing in just 2 minutes a day is making a difference!

We are featuring our inspiring community members ‘8 moments’ in our WeAre8 feed and social pages. We encourage you to upload your most creative expression of celebration or your unique version of an 8 and we will elev8 your creativity to our community around the world.

Learn more and upload your ‘8 moments’ to join the celebr8tion! 

Join our community doing good and celebr8ing in the WeAre8 feed!

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