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There is a better way.

Engage & reward your target consumers at scale.

WeAre8 is good for brands, good for people, and good for the world.

We enable brands to reach millions of consumers directly, while changing the world.

We guarantee better ROI than any other media channel.

We guarantee better ROI than any other media channel.

We deliver more video views for your advertising investment. Our CPV is beyond competitive. Leading brands have put us to the test, and we have proved it.

Why? Because 60 cents of every ad dollar goes into the consumer's pocket, and 5 cents of every dollar goes to causes they care about.

We deliver measurable sales. People buy from brands that respect them.

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Our ecosystem delivers scale.

Our ecosystem delivers scale.

The WeAre8 Ecosystem reaches hundreds of millions of people directly via our mobile app. Partnerships with Synchronoss + mobile operators give us worldwide reach. Read more.

Via personalized SMS & RCS text messages + our mobile experience, brands can engage, delight & bring real value to consumers. At scale.

Grow with Us

We deliver real relationships.

We deliver real relationships.

We provide a clear value exchange. Your target consumers get rewarded for sharing your message & giving you feedback. And you keep your first party data.

Our commitment to our users is to always be transparent. We respect them and their data, and provide them with real value.

Our commitment to brands is to deliver real people. At scale. We have built a fraud free ecosystem, reporting dashboard, and an additional media metric (CPR) that measures and validates real relationships for every campaign.

The Cost Per Relationship metric (CPR) demonstrates the power of our technology to connect with a real person, build a relationship, and track the lifetime value of that person. Read more here.

After all, real relationships and sales are what matter.

Connect with Your People

We bring you the right audience. Our opt-in data delivers the best results.

Our buying engine enables targeting by demo, geo, and affinity. Best of all, it fuels your CRM system, and supercharges your retargeting.

Harness the power of your relationships. Because our users receive the bulk of the advertising revenue, they willingly share data for more brand sponsorships and payments.

Find your Audience

We bring you the right audience. Our opt-in data delivers the best results.

We make social impact easy. And more effective.

Every time you sponsor someone on WeAre8, you make impact. Now more than ever, consumers are asking for the brands they care about, to care about the world.

The right thing to do is also the smart thing to do. Brands receive a tangible 'halo effect' through participation in WeAre8 offers. We see it in the data. Deliver ROI and keep the respect of your consumers.

Read about how brands are experiencing strong results with this approach.

Change the World

We make social impact easy. And more effective.

Valuing people delivers results.

People are grateful when brands value, sponsor & pay them.
Putting your money where your mouth is delivers results!

• 87% of people are more likely to purchase the product after being sponsored by the brand.

85% of people are more likely to recommend a brand they have been sponsored by.

100% of people felt more positive about the brand after being sponsored.

Through the WeAre8 Ecosystem, you can also turn your customers into shareholders. Via our partnership with STASH, public corporations can sponsor people to engage with their ad on WeAre8 and receive fractional stock into their 8 STASH accounts in return. Imagine turning all your customers into shareholders.

Read more.

The WeAre8 ecosystem was architected to take the 550 Billion Dollar advertising market to the next level.

Better for brands.
Better for people.
Better for the world.

Brands & agencies - Don't be late to this party!

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