Repping you to brands is all that matters to us.

We rep you to brands so you can make money and make impact in the world.

Our values
We believe in social justice. We want the entire planet to reclaim their economic value through branded sponsorships.

We give people a transparent platform for their voices to be heard and a simple way to make money and positive social impact everyday.

We’ve seen billions of advertising dollars go directly to social media and tech companies for ads that are served to people with no reward. Our platform was built to usher in a future where brands fuel and fund the lives of their consumers while making a significant social impact, shifting the earnings from global marketing spend back to the real people who give brands power.

Our aim is to democratize the current digital marketing model, creating opportunities for people to exercise their value and generate additional income by sharing, creating and watching content for brands they love.

Our clients

We work with brands that believe in REAL people and want to change the world.

Ads are old school

Are you a brand that wants to sponsor real people, rocket your media ROI and amplify your social impact?

Our team
Our team is out to change the world. This is our starting point.

This committed and mighty group is made up of accomplished executives, seasoned marketers and tech gurus, all united by a shared mission to bring balance to the digital economy. We believe you should be the ones in charge of - and the ones monetizing - your personal data, not big corporations. We’re not intimidated by the task at hand - we welcome the challenge in standing up to industry norms.

We partner with global brands to create opportunities for people to economically empower themselves. We make it easy for you to show love to your favorite brands, share or create beautiful content, and make real impact in the world.

Sue Fennessy
Founder & CEO
Jeri Finard
Board Chair
Allen Arakal
Chief Operating Officer
Peggy Chen
Account Manager
Michaella Estevez
Account Manager
Kana Philip
Tali Sandel
Brand Marketing Manager & Director of Community Development
Josh Silva
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Eugene Stetsko
VP, Technology
George Taskos
Senior Solutions Architect
Caitlin Venter
Director — Account Management, Business Development
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