This is Sustainable Media,  #MediaForGood

The hard truth

Our media ecosystem is broken and has been for a long time. Brands are paying $550B a year globally to reach consumers and much of it is spent on digital platforms that serve those ads in inappropriate environments and to bots. It is estimated that between 30-50% of ad buys are never reaching the intended recipients. That’s why when P&G slashed over $200M in digital ad buys in 2017, they reported it had almost no impact on their business.

Moreover, our digital metrics are meaningless when Facebook counts 0:03 seconds of an ad as a video view, and when we’re counting impressions that are defined as “the opportunity for a consumer to view an ad”. And that’s not even accounting for the inflation due to click farms.

To make matters worse, all the money is going to the tech middlemen who are profiting directly from people's data. People do not receive any compensation for their data, time and attention. Until now.

Our journey

Sue Fennessy, a visionary and experienced media tech entrepreneur, knew there had to be a better way and she set out to build it.

Sue Fennessy has spent the last 30 years obsessed with the waste and injustice of our 550 Billion dollar global media ecosystem. She dreamed of a media ecosystem that, instead of helping to destroy the fabric of our global community, could actually help to repair it.

Sue’s vision was to architect a platform to make it simple for thousands of brands and millions of people to make positive impact every day. But in order to achieve this, she understood that brands needed to get better ROI if they were going to shift dollars, and people needed a tangible incentive for themselves before they could give back.

In 2017, Sue was joined in her mission by Jeri Finard, a CPG industry leader who served on the boards of public and private mission-driven social enterprise companies. Sue and Jeri joined forces to address the social injustice of the current media ecosystem by cutting out the tech middlemen and bringing brands and consumers directly together for mutual profit and purpose.

Today, WeAre8 exists to use the tremendous power of brand advertising to pay people for their value and to help solve the world’s biggest problems, like poverty, climate change, education, and equality.

Good for brands.

Because they get direct access at scale to consumers who have opted-in to watch brand messages and answer questions.
100% engagement.
100% guaranteed.

Good for people.

Because they are empowered to control and be paid for their online experience with an ability to help pay their bills or pay it forward to a charity of their choice.

Good for the world.

Because every engagement delivers a donation to a charity, enabling them to maximise their impact and help solve the world’s biggest problems

Our values:

Positive force for good.

Using our business model to put money in people’s pockets and to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Transparent & honest.

In every aspect of doing business from 3rd party verification of ad delivery to publishing donation receipts.


To everyone, from asking people’s permission to send messages, to interactions with all our vendors.


For all stakeholders: people, brands, charities, our staff, our shareholders