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The advertising industry spends billions every year on online ads. Imagine if just 10% of these campaigns were placed in environments that not only delivered real business results, but enabled real social change by sharing money back with people, charity and our planet, with every dollar invested. Too good to be true?? It isn’t… it’s all possible on WeAre8.


We Guarantee

Pay only for 100% completed video views

Zero wastage on your digital investment

We carbon offset every campaign

60c of every ad dollar goes back to people, charity and our planet

SAM-i, our sustainable ad-tech, ensures transparent reporting on every campaign

More attention per ad than any other social platform


"John Lewis is a purpose-driven brand, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our customers. We are really interested in the work WeAre8 is doing to bring value to brands through engaging experiences, give value back to their audience, and are proud to have partnered with them early in their journey."

Rosie, John Lewis & Partners


"Through our partnership with WeAre8 we can see how important it is to raise awareness of vital causes among a receptive audience, rewarding them for their engagement and positive actions. Advertising on a platform that respects and allows people to opt into content that they want to see, really helped us to encourage deeper engagement levels from consumers – differentiating WeAre8 from other social platforms in market today."

Deborah, Clarins


"It’s been a joy to work with the team at WeAre8 and a breath of fresh air to advertise with a social media platform whose values align so closely with Battersea’s. As well as our ad spend going towards helping dogs and cats, we can also say our ad spend is going towards climate projects around the world. WeAre8 provide a cost-effective alternative to the social media giants as they are committed to donating a proportion of ad spend back to charity clients, clearly displaying their commitment to making a difference."

Craig, Battersea Cats & Dogs Home


"WeAre8 is the social platform we've all been waiting for. They are prioritising the right things and are a pleasure to work with. From a B Corp company perspective it's a relief to have a clear conscience when spending money advertising with them; you are safe in the knowledge your adverts are being seen by like minded individuals who are being remunerated for their time, the questions potential customers are prompted to answer give you valuable insights and you are also contributing to charity in the process."

Hannah, Pact Coffee


"We've run three campaigns already with WeAre8, through their sustainable ad manager SAM-i, and the performance results we are seeing are truly groundbreaking. More importantly, the impact you see is fully transparent as we know exactly where our media spend is going - how much is going to 8Citizens, how much is going to our chosen charity, and how much to carbon offsetting - which makes our £'s spent with WeAre8 so much more impactful and meaningful. The platform is completely aligned to our Inclusion, Diversity and Sustainability agenda at Heineken and we cannot wait to continue working together."

Jimmy, Heineken


“WeAre8 is a natural partner to Fairtrade as we are both on a mission to change the world for good. The team are fantastic to work with and Fairtrade are very proud to be supporting them on this journey. We can’t wait to see where this collaboration takes us in the future!”

Laura, Fairtrade


“The team have been extremely impressed by WeAre8, both in terms of their expertise and the performance of the campaign. It’s been great to see such strong engagement metrics across videos that haven’t performed as well across other channels and we’ve really appreciated their input to ensure our creative is as strong as possible."

Ben, Chip


“At Charity: water we've really enjoyed working with the WeAre8 team since Summer 2021. They're helpful in getting a campaign up and running, flexible to all budgets and content, and always looking for ways to make our message resonate with their citizens. The platform's model is inclusive and innovative and their sustainable values resonate with us. It's a pleasure to work with you and look forward to seeing how things grow!"

Ellie, Charity: water

How it works


SAM-i is WeAre8’s innovative and intelligent sustainable ad manager for every brand and agency. SAM-i generates unparalleled attention with every campaign and enables the opportunity for transformational storytelling, by guaranteeing fully completed video views from your brand’s target audience. When you run your ads through SAM-i, every pound you spend builds trust with your target audience, makes a positive social impact and delivers better media results.

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Self Serve

Meet SAM-i

SAM-i is the world's first sustainable advertising manager that enables you to run your campaigns more efficiently and effectively. You can customise your audiences, monitor your campaign performance and track your impact.

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Client Success Team

Our Client Success team can get your campaign up and running in 24-hours, offer guidance on creative, optimise performance and report on results.
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We Serve

Our Client Success team can get your campaign up and running for you, offer you guidance on creative, as well as help optimise performance and report on results.

Self serve

Meet SAM-i

SAM-i, WeAre8’s sustainable ad manager, enables you to run your campaigns much more efficiently and effectively. You can buy your WeAre8 media on SAM-i, customise your audience, monitor your brilliant campaign performance, view your insights AND see how many charity donations have been made plus see how much carbon has been offset and charity donations have been made.

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