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ads matter.

Brands have the power to end the hate, addiction and misinformation we see on social media every day. Brands can vote for a better way with their ad spend. WeAre8 is the sustainable alternative to the current model. Where middle men are bypassed to rebalance the share of value in favour of people and the planet.

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We need urgent and radical change if we are going to save our beautiful planet. Every day, tech giants make billions of dollars by pushing ads at us. But people engage with under 1% of those ads. So, we took a look at the wasteful and inefficient 400 billion dollar digital ad industry and imagined how that money could change the world if it was redirected to people and the planet. And we built a better way.

Through our revolutionary technology, you are now valued and paid by brands directly for your time. What’s more, with each ad you watch, a donation is made to charities making a positive impact.


SAM-i is WeAre8’s innovative and intelligent sustainable ad manager for every brand and agency. SAM-i generates unparalleled attention with every campaign and enables the opportunity for transformational storytelling, by guaranteeing fully completed video views from your brand’s target audience. When you run your ads through SAM-i, every pound you spend builds trust with your target audience, makes a positive social impact and delivers better media results.

Deploy ad budget in support of people and the planet.

it works

Join the brands leveraging their marketing spend to action CSR goals. Show your community you care by sharing your story sustainably on WeAre8.



Build custom audiences through SAM-i without any need for invasive data exploitation or cookies. Use insights generated from questions ask in your campaigns to refine your audiences to the exact demographics you wish to speak to.



Upload your ad creatives and create digital brand experiences built for the mobile first generation. Use our unique ad formats to speak to your customers in their language.



Create conversation with your audience, learn about their wants and needs without any invasive use of their personal data.



Gain consenting insights on from your customers without the need for invasive data usage. Involve your customers directly in your market research on WeAre8.



Make a difference with your ad spend. Why fuel hate, misinformation and addiction when you could put your budget with people and the planet. Start making a difference today.


“I can do good for the world - and get paid at the same time!”

- Becki B

"Time is our most valuable asset, before I felt like social platforms exploited me by using up hours of my day and bombarding me with creepily relevant ads. On 8, I feel safe and respected. The value of my attention is paid directly into my wallet where I have control of what to do with it."

- Will O

“A movement created for like-minded people. Changing the world for good!”

- Abby M

“I love how by spending just a couple of minutes on my phone every day, I can make a real difference.”

- Matt B

“Get paid real money for watching ads that usually get thrown at you, and support charities at the same time. What’s not to love?!”

- Debbie G

“The app is very easy to use - able to connect people with others that share (the same) values and create action.”

- Bradley D

We Guarantee

100% engagement rate

100% ad consent rate

Fully completed video views

Custom audiences

Actionable consumer insights

Total transparency