The Recharge in Nature Project with BMW

BMW and National Parks UK have teamed up to enhance the electric car charging network and support vital nature restoration, biodiversity, sustainable tourism and wellbeing initiatives across all 15 National Parks in UK. Uniting with WeAre8, they were able to reach a community that has a shared aim to help the planet thrive for generations to come.


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now believe BMW is committed to driving a more sustainable future


uplift in people likely to consider BMW for their next car

The solution

WeAre8 was the perfect platform, as it not only inspires its citizens to connect with nature and make impact through small daily actions, but also its unique ad delivery model allowed BMW to deliver key business outcomes. Through a video sequential strategy leading with two campaign teasers to drive intrigue and then a hero video to bring the story together, BMW was able to build on engagement and increase brand uplift over time. All while contributing to climate solutions with every video view.

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