A partnership for the planet with Old Mout

The Heineken Group, through its ‘Brew a Better World’ commitment, is raising the bar to create a fairer, healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable world. Therefore, Old Mout Cider decided to use WeAre8 - the social media platform uniting people in support of a better world - to launch their new flavours AND promote their fantastic partnership with the WWF.


opted in to watch the ad


clicked through to try the new flavours


was donated to WWF

The solution

WeAre8 brings together brands, people and charities to collectively make the world a better place, so united with Old Mout as a force for good - collaborating to help protect habitats, all whilst driving transformational business results.

Jimmy Hughes, Social Media Lead at The HEINEKEN Company:

'The results we are seeing with WeAre8 are truly groundbreaking. The impact is also fully transparent as we know exactly where our media spend is going, which makes our £'s spent with WeAre8 so much more impactful and meaningful.''

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