WeAre8 ‘Active Impression’ vs Industry Passive ‘Impression

Industry standard passive impression

An opportunity of an advertisement to be seen, heard or make an influence on a potential consumer. That isn't enough.


Unclear definition that varies across the industry and makes measurement difficult and inconsistent.

Lack of control.

You don't have any control over where you ad shows up.


Prone to Automated traffic, click farms designed to drive up popularity and traffic of pages, and competitors looking to deplete your advertising budget.

Lack of visibility.

No clear idea of the supply chain.

WeAre8 active impression

Our definition of impression is a guaranteed 1 second of human engagement.


Guaranteed 1 second of human engagement.


Based on verified human time and attention.


Consumer is fully engaged with a clear value exchange.


Fuelled by zero party data, intentionally shared by the consumer.