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About WeAre8

What is WeAre8?
WeAre8 is an app for anyone who wants to get sponsored by brands, for watching videos, being creative and sharing content.

What does the name mean?
The 8 symbolizes the infinity sign. WeAre8 serves to help people recognize the infinite relationship between brands and their consumers. Through our platform and sponsorships, we hope to strengthen the relationship between people and the brands they love ❤️

How do I download the app?

WeAre8 is available to download for free on iOS and Android.
App Store
Google Play

Who can get sponsored on WeAre8?
Anyone 13 years old and up with active social media accounts that follow our Terms & Conditions.
Our Terms & Conditions

What brands do you work with?
We work with like-minded brands who want to change the world with us. For an updated list of our brand partners, please visit our brands page on our website.
WeAre8 Brands

Getting to know the WeAre8 App

What are the different tabs?

Feed - This tab is where all of your new sponsorships live. You will also see community spotlights, product deals, surveys and more information on this tab! See something that interests you? Tap for more information! 

Me - It's all about you! This tab holds all of your accepted, declined and completed sponsorships.

Payment - Some say the best tab on the app, but we'll let you decide. This is where you get paid! From here you can either pay your funds out to PayPal or forward to your favorite charity.

How do I access my profile? 
Great question! Simply tap on the icon in the top right corner of your screen, and select My Profile.

How do I communicate with the WeAre8 team?
If you have any issues with a sponsorships or questions this page doesn't answer, please reach out to our team at feedback@weare8.com.

About Sponsorships

How can I get sponsored on WeAre8?
There are 3 different ways to get sponsored on WeAre8:

  1. Share - Brands provide you with a piece of content, you create the caption and share it to your social media account(s) through the app.
  2. Create - There are 2 ways to get sponsored for creating on WeAre8.
    1. Create & Submit sponsorships ask that you create your own piece of branded content and submit it to the app for brand use.
    2. Create & Share sponsorships ask that you create your own piece of branded content, submit it to the app for brand approval and then share it to your social media account(s).
  3. Watch & Respond - Watch a short video for a brand and answer a few questions.

How do I know what type of sponsorship I am looking at?
The type of sponsorship will be listed below the brand image in the feed, as well as in the brief.

How do I see more information about the sponsorship?

To learn more about the sponsorship opportunity tap on the image and scroll through the brief. The brief will include information such as payment, donations, creative instructions and required platforms.

How do I accept or decline a sponsorship?
Tap on the sponsorship in the feed and you will see an 'Accept' and 'Decline' button in the brief. Make your decision, and tap the corresponding option.

The brand requested changes to my submission, now what?

Occasionally, a brand will request changes on your content. This usually happens when an image doesn't follow the brief or meet the brands requirements, and means you have an opportunity to upload a new piece of content.

To view the changes they have requested, tap “Tap to Post” in the Me tab.  When you are ready to resubmit your new content, you can submit it there as well.

Please note that brands usually allow 3-7 business days for new content to be submitted before the submission will be declined. 

Why was my content declined?

Very rarely, content will be declined from an offer. This happens when our team feels that the content submitted is unoriginal, offensive, does not attempt to follow the brief or when there is no social account connected to review your profile.

My Create & Submit content was approved, now what?

Approved content from Create & Submit sponsorships may be used by WeAre8 or the brand for marketing purposes including social accounts, websites, internal/external decks and etc. If your content is posted across social, we do our best to ensure that you are tagged however, this is not always the case.

How do I complete my sponsorship?

To complete a sponsorship, follow all steps in the brief on the app. Completed sponsorships will be marked at 'Completed' in the Me tab, and funds will appear as incoming in the Payment tab.

I posted the approved content on my social channel, but the app is still saying I have not completed the offer. What do I do?

Likely, the link to your post was not correctly pasted back. Don’t worry, you don’t have to post again! If you are having trouble with this, please follow the steps below to copy and paste the correct link.

Completing a sponsorship on Instagram

  1. Tap on the ME tab and select your Share sponsorship.

  2. Tap “Submit Post”, and follow the steps until it prompts you to open Instagram.

  3. Once Instagram is open, go to the sponsored post in your feed and tap on the three dots in the top right hand corner of your post.

  4. Tap on “Copy Share URL” and go back to the WeAre8 app.

  5. Paste the link and tap Next.

  6. Copy the link for your bio and IG will open again (Don't worry about posting the link in your bio, you can skip this step)

  7. Go back to the WeAre8 app using the icon in the top left hand corner of your screen.

  8. Complete the offer!

• Completing a sponsorship on Facebook

  1. Tap on the ME tab and select your Share sponsorship.

  2. Tap “Submit Post”, and follow the steps until it prompts you to open Facebook

  3. Facebook will open, go to the post on your feed and click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

  4. Tap on “Copy Share URL” and go back to the WeAre8 app.

  5. Paste the link and tap Next.

  6. Complete the offer!

How long do I have to complete a sponsorship once I have accepted it?

Once you accept a sponsorship, a timer will begin in your Me tab. This timer lets you know how much time you have to complete the sponsorship before it will expire. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend expired sponsorships.

How long does my post need to remain live on my social channels?

Sponsored posts must remain live on your social channels for 6 months in order to remain in good standing with the app and our brands. Failure to do so may result in fewer sponsorship opportunities in the future 😬

How do I know how much I'm getting paid?

Tap on a sponsorship and scroll down to the Get Paid section. There, you will see your earnings and donations made for completing the sponsorships along with any information about product discounts for friends and followers.

How often should I expect new sponsorships?

Our team works hard to provide you as many opportunities to get sponsored as possible! We are always activating new sponsorships so fill out your profile, turn on your notifications and get ready.

Your Profile

Why do I have to connect my social accounts before participating in a sponsorship?
We review all social profiles prior to allowing you to post on behalf of our brand partners. This is to ensure that your profiles align with our Terms & Conditions and are family friendly!

What do you do with my social accounts once they have been connected?

Once social accounts are connected, our team takes a look at them to ensure they follow all of our T&Cs. This process takes up to 24 hours, which is why you may not all available sponsorships when you first sign up.
Terms & Conditions

Once these have been reviewed, you will be eligible for more sponsorships.

What if my accounts do not adhere to the Terms & Conditions?

Once social accounts are connected, our team takes a look at them to ensure they follow all of our T&Cs. This process usually takes up to 48 hours which is why you may not all available sponsorships when you first sign up. Once this has been confirmed, you will be eligible for more sponsorships.

Flagged Accounts.

Your account may be flagged if one or more of your social accounts or any information on your WeAre8 account does not adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Some of the main reasons violations of our Terms & conditions are:
• Social media accounts that are private, have less than 100 followers, were created less than 6 weeks prior or consist of only non-original content.  
• One or more sponsorship posts have been deleted less than 6 months after being posted.
• Unauthentic content has been submitted for a sponsorship on the app Multiple accounts have been created under your information

My account is flagged, but I still want to get sponsored! What do I do?

Read our T&C’s, double check your social media accounts and reach out to our team to get your account re-reviewed. We will look into this and get back to you within 48 hours.


How long until I get paid to my WeAre8 account?
• For sponsorships that ask you to share content to a social channel (Share and Create & Share), funds will be available in your WeAre8 account after 30 days. This is to ensure brands have time to review your posts and collect your metrics before you are paid.
• For sponsorships that do not ask you to share to a social channel (Create and Watch & Respond), funds will be available in your WeAre8 account after 7 days.

Can I transfer my funds to another payment system other than PayPal?

Unfortunately, we are only able to send payment to PayPal at this time.
• Please ensure that your PayPal account is verified. Need help verifying your account?

I accidentally entered the wrong PayPal email address, how can I change this?

Please send our team an email with the correct email address to

Is it safe to input my PayPal information in the app?

Your PayPal information will only be used to send you payment. This information will never be shared with other brands or partners.


How can I donate my earnings to charity?
If you are interested in donating some, or all, of your earnings to charity you can chose to do so in the Payout tab. At the bottom of the tab tap “Pay it Forward” to select the amount you want to donate and which charity you want to donate to.

Where can I see the available charities for me to donate to?

To view WeAre8 charity partners, tap "Pay it Forward" in the Payment tab. From there, tap the button in the top of the screen to select the category you are interested in. You will then be able to swipe through the different charities associated with each category.


How can I refer a friend?
To refer a friend, have them download WeAre8 using your unique link and connect their verified email or a social account that adheres to our Terms & Conditions.

To find your referral link, tap on the "Refer a friend" tile in the feed or complete the "Refer a friend" share sponsorship. Referral links are only available for community members whose social accounts have been reviewed and WeAre8 account adheres to our Terms & Conditions.

What’s the reward for referring a friend?

You will receive $1 for each friend that downloads WeAre8 using your unique link and connects their verified email or social account that adheres to our Terms & Conditions.

My friend signed up, now how long until I get paid?

Referral payments go out every 7-10 days and will be deposited into your WeAre8 account. You will receive a notification when the payment is made.