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We are a movement. We are united by a mindset and a mission. We believe that when brands value people, and respect us and the things we care about, we can change the world together.

How it works.

We have turned advertising on its head. Brands pay billions of dollars to get you to watch ads. Why not just pay you directly? Well, on WeAre8...they do!

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You get paid directly into your Paypal account via your WeAre8 app wallet. While you are there - get inspired by the awesome community committed to changing the world, and celebrate your friends for making impact.

4. Make impact

You make impact every time you engage with a brand. And you can also pay it forward to charities you love, and join the community to make real change. After all, how can companies ignore us when hundreds of millions of people stand together and demand change?

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"WeAre8 is the perfect side hustle. I earn money while doing stuff I love to do!"
Love making money and impact. Such a great concept!
Makes paying off my phone bill a little more fun!
Can't believe brands are paying me to watch videos. How did I not hear about this sooner!
Great for making quick money and giving back at the same time!

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