How it works.

Here’s how SAM-i delivers your ads to a targeted audience, resulting in 100% engagement.

As we enter a cookie-free world, access to opt-in consumer data is more challenging than ever before.  Our consumer experience enables unique custom audience and tagging capabilities which build the foundation for all your digital marketing.

Calls to action can be so much more than ‘Visit our website’ or ‘Learn more’.
With SAM-i, you can encourage consumers to subscribe to your newsletter, or sign a petition to support a cause close to your brand’s heart.

Our unique custom audience tagging helps fuel your digital buying ecosystem, building direct relationships and eliminating ad waste.

Our high click-through rates are a testament to people feeling valued.

We intentionally built the video delivery in a way that separates the click-through call to action from the video to inspire consumers to learn more.  Because the videos are delivered at a time of day that suits them, they are in a better mindset to discover more. Encourage people to learn more, shop now, sign up - whatever your call to action, the click through-rates are significantly higher on WeAre8 than any other platform.


100% engagement and active attention.

When the tech giants serve an ad it does not mean your consumers necessarily see it. On WeAre8, we guarantee time and attention from your target consumers and track and report on the exact time they spend with you. We deliver your video messages in a personalised way, with fully completed opt-in video views, we guarantee 100% engagement. On WeAre8, people intentionally opt-in to watch brand videos in a clear value exchange at a time that suits them. Your brand is safe with WeAre8.

How it works:


Target your audience via SAM-i, WeAre8’s intelligent and sustainable ad manager. More effective and more cost-efficient than ANY other ad platform!


Through our distribution partnerships with the world’s largest mobile operators, people receive personalised notifications to watch your video. You only pay if someone opts in, watches your video and answers all your questions.


Consumers watch your full video, and answer 1-3 questions.


Setup easy CTAs for people to learn more about your brand or product offer, or follow you on social platforms.


People are paid for their time. Consumers access their earnings on the WeAre8 app where they can choose how to spend their money.

They can also ‘Pay it Forward’ to a charity of their choice.


Select a charity. Five percent of your campaign spend goes directly to a charity of your choice and offsets your carbon footprint. We suggest charities if you don’t have one.
Brand Self Service Portal


You have full transparency over your media spend with  access to real time campaign data and insights.

Your target audience feels valued, engaged and purposeful. You are making a positive impact together.
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"We’re thrilled to be working with the sustainable ad platform, WeAre8. The consumer insights and 55% click-through rate on our recent campaign were impressive. The fact that we make positive social impact with every campaign and have aligned values is even more meaningful for us at OLIO."

Saasha Celestial-One
- COO, Olio

Want to be like Saasha and improve campaign ROI, and make impact. Course you do!

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