Technology has turned people into products.
The social networks that should have served us, now harm us.
But it really doesn’t have to be this way.
Imagine a world where people feel loved, valued and empowered.
Imagine a world free from hate on a social app that recognises your power to change the world.
Imagine a future where you are paid every time you watch an ad, and we unite to save our precious planet.
This is WeAre8.
The People’s Platform.
Reclaim Your Power.

WeAre8's CEO & Founder, Sue Fennessy, sent Rio Ferdinand this video showing the power of his fans to change the world when united on WeAre8.

Rio announced a ‘Call to Arms’ for 80 million people, just 1% of the human population, to unite on WeAre8 and help change the world in just 2 minutes a day.