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The world is at an imbalance. Technology has turned people into products. The social networks that should have served us, now harm us. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a world free from hate on a social app that recognises your power to change the world. Imagine a future where you are paid every time you watch an ad, and we unite to save our precious planet.

This is WeAre8. The People’s Platform.

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WeAre8. Built with love.

Through our revolutionary technology, you are now valued and paid by brands directly for your time. What’s more, with each ad you watch, a donation is made to charities making a positive impact. Stand with us to reclaim your economic value and protect the planet.

We need urgent and radical change if we are going to save our beautiful planet. Every day, tech giants make billions of dollars by pushing ads at us. But people engage with under 1% of those ads. So, we took a look at the wasteful and inefficient 450 billion dollar digital ad industry and imagined how that money could change the world if it was redirected to people and the planet. And we built a better way.


The 8Stage is where the world unites. No more algorithms, no more hate, no more infinite feeds. Our feed is curated to help people imagine and, in turn, build a better way. Discover the greatest content, feel good when you scroll and be inspired to live more off your screen.


Watch brands ads, have your say and get paid. We serve ads for you, rather than to you. We believe people have the right to be conscious of the ads they consume, rather than bombarded with brand messages in their social feeds.


Reclaim the economic value of your attention and leverage it to make impact everyday. Pay towards your EE phone bill, into your PayPal account or 'Pay it Forward' to your favourite charities.

it works

Follow these steps to join the WeAre8 community today. Reclaim the economic value of your attention, discover inspirational content and make consistent impact in areas closest to your heart.


Join the party

Download the WeAre8 app to join the party on the 8Stage. Head to your preferred App Store to join us and dance in support of the planet.


Get inspired

Get inspired by the awesome community committed to changing the world, and celebrate your friends for making impact.


Watch ads

We will send you short videos from brands that value you, via your preferred communication method (email or push notification). Watch them, answer a few short questions and earn between 6p - 25p per video. It’s that simple.


Get paid

Brands pay for your time directly into your WeAre8 app wallet. Choose to pay it forward to charity, pay off your mobile phone bill or top up your PayPal. Brands donate a percentage of their spend to charity too.


Save the world

Every time you watch a brand video on WeAre8, a direct donation is made by the brands. You can also pay it forward to charities you love, and join the 8 community to make real change.

Buy the
iconic 8 Cap

The iconic Navy Baseball Cap with white 8 Logo on the front. Made from 100% recycled earth-friendly fabric. With every cap 8 meals are donated to FareShare.

What the
community thinks

“I can do good for the world - and get paid at the same time!”

- Becki B

“A movement created for like-minded people. Changing the world for good!”

- Abby M

“I love how by spending just a couple of minutes on my phone every day, I can make a real difference.”

- Matt B

“Get paid real money for watching ads that usually get thrown at you, and support charities at the same time. What’s not to love?!”

- Debbie G

“The app is very easy to use - able to connect people with others that share (the same) values and create action.”

- Bradley D

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