WeAre8 PresentsSee The Sea


The People’s Choice Award gave visitors the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece from WeAre8 presents See the Sea, with the winning artist receiving $1,000.
Below are the 30 finalists, which were on display outside Bondi Pavilion, Sydney 15-19 March.


K. Blewett, AU (People's Choice Winner)
V. Rodriguez, AU (Voter Winner)


Erin Masters



Solo Dolphin by @sweetocean

Solo Dolphin


Ocean Dance by @sweetocean

Ocean Dance


New Beginnings by @patrizio

New Beginnings


Light Rays by @aleccbrown

Light Rays


Back to Home Base


Lone Gentoo


Sunrise Surf


Compass Abstract


The Upside Down


Dawn Gifts


Beach Club


Stepping In


Where It All Dissolves


Locals In The Lineup


Sea Turtle Feeding


Leopard's Commune


Beyond The Bay


Shelly Jelly


Shark Beach


Cliff Split Shot


A Ripple Effect


As Above, So Below


Green Turtle Symmetry


Ocean Textures


Baby Loggerhead


First Light


Take My Hand - Sunset Silhouette




Good Morning Manly


Thank you for voting in WeAre8’s See the Sea People’s Choice award.
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