Jill Cooper announced as Chief Marketing Officer at WeAre8.

November 10, 2021

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The sustainable advertsing platorm, WeAre8, has appointed Jill Cooper as Chief Marketing Officer. In her new role, Cooper will work alongside Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sue Fennessy, to lead the company in its mission to unite millions of people and thousands of brands to create a better world.

Cooper will be overseeing global marketing to drive user and brand growth to the WeAre8 platform - which guarantees advertisers 100% completion rates on videos and 10%+ click-through rates. She will also manage key growth partnerships, including BT/EE and more. In addition, her role will span the wider management of public relations, social media, talent management, corporate communications, media and advertising for the cer0fied B-Corporation.

With over 20 years of marketing experience in the technology sector, Cooper has successfully built consumer brands and most recently moved from GSMA where she spent seven years building B2B ecosystems to deliver new mobile technologies. Previous experience includes communica0ons leadership roles for several leading Telecoms corpora0ons, including Orange and EE, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Huawei.

“We are building a brand with a big global mission, and I am thrilled that Jill has joined our team to lead the charge on this”, says Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of WeAre8. “She is uniquely experienced in bringing together brands and people around a common purpose, and there is no greater mission than uniNng everyone to solve the world’s biggest problems. Her deep understanding of technology solutions combined with her strategic marketing vision inspires me every day. Partnerships with mobile operators, TV networks, media agencies and talent will allow WeAre8 to scale at pace globally, and Jill will be crucial in galvanising all stakeholders to expand the WeAre8 ecosystem".

Commenting on her appointment, Cooper said, I’m thrilled to join the visionary and inspirational Sue Fennessy to lead the marketing function at this pivotal stage of growth for WeAre8. Over the next six months, we will launch several brand and talent partnerships, marketing campaigns for COP26 and Christmas, and our first TV ad with our UK partners. With global roll-out beginning in Q1 2022, our objective of flipping the 400-billion-dollar digital ad ecosystem to benefit people and advertisers is well underway.”

WeAre8 is a digital advertising platorm that redirects ad spend to people and the planet, all while delivering better media results. Comba0ng the existing wasteful and inefficient online advertising delivery process by offering brands 100% en- gagement and transformational insights, WeAre8 is revolutionising the standardised digital ad model. For every £1 spent by brands, 65p is diverted to the consumer and ethical causes. Through using the platform, consumers have the opportunity to earn money by watching ads and can either withdraw funds directly to their bank account or pay cash forward to a charity of their choice.

WeAre8 is a certified B-Corp and has recently commiJed to Ad Net Zero – the UK advertising industry's initiative to respond to the climate crisis caused by CO2 emissions.

Notes to Editors

For media enquiries, please email Gracie Bennett at Kibbo Kift Agency weare8@kibbokicagency.com or call +447722416364.

About WeAre8

WeAre8 is a revolutionary advertising platform enabling users to reclaim their economic value and protect the planet, rewarding users for their time and donating to charitable causes every time they watch an advert. For every £1 spent by brands, 65p is diverted to consumers and ethical causes.

By puhng people and purpose first, instead of profiteering, WeAre8 also combats the exis0ng wasteful and inefficient on- line advertising delivery process by offering brands 100% engagement and transforma0onal insights through user questionnaires.

How WeAre8 Works in Five Steps:

  1. Sign up to receive paid brand videos if you're in the UK. If you're anywhere else in the world, you can s0ll be part of the WeAre8 community. Users can opt-out at any time.
  2. Download the WeAre8 app to access a wallet and feed, where users can get inspired by the community committed to changing the world and celebrate their friends for making an impact.
  3. Watch brand videos via your preferred communication method (email, text, or push notification). Watch them, answer a few short questions and earn between 10p - 20p per video.
  4. Get paid for your time directly into your WeAre8 app wallet. Choose to pay it forward to charity, pay off your mobile phone bill or top up your PayPal. Brands donate a percentage of their spend to charity too.
  5. Change the world. Every time you watch a brand video on WeAre8, a direct dona0on is made by the brands. You can also pay it forward to chari0es you love and join the WeAre8 community to make real change.

Media tech entrepreneur Sue Fennessy leads WeAre8 with a mission to make it easy for brands to redirect billions of dollars of adver0sing spend back to people and the planet in a way that drives beJer business results.

In 2020, WeAre8 was certified as a B-Corporation, confirming the company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

To learn more, visit www.weare8.com or install the WeAre8 app on the App Store or Google Play.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/weare8
TwiJer: @WeAre8Official
Instagram: @unitedforgoodofficial
Media Contacts: Gracie BenneJ at Kibbo Kic Agency weare8@kibbokicagency.com