What is WeAre8?

February 6, 2022

Maggie Chestler

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WeAre8 was born out of our obsession with the injustice and greed of the big tech platforms and a belief that there was a better way.

I did not realise until I started at WeAre8 how much money was spent on advertising globally every year by brands trying to get their message in front of us. $550 billion dollars. Even though we are investing our time and attention, tech giants get everything. There is no value exchange and we get nothing. Zero. Zip. Just think about that. We are human beings, not eyeballs. So to quote our founder, Sue Fennessy, “We, the people, are the largest unpaid workforce in human history”. And at a time when people around the world need more help than ever before and our planet is in desperate need of love, this injustice has to be addressed.

So at WeAre8, we have built technology that unites people to call on brands and tech giants to redirect the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year to millions of people and the planet.

When we stand together as a community, our collective voice is powerful. On WeAre8, we make it easy and fun for you to get valued and paid every time you watch a brand ad and what is super cool, they also make a donation to a charity at the same time.

I am so excited to be leading the community team because I haven’t come across any other companies with anything close to WeAre8’s mission or technology. There are urgent global challenges and we are not seeing proactive action from social platforms, corporations, billionaires. Pretty much all those who hold the power to ignite this change, we all want and NEED. (With the exception of two amazing women, Laurene Jobs and MacKenzie Scott who have set the new standard for billionaire philanthropy)

Social platforms are fueling hate, misinformation about the climate and human rights, causing dramatic negative effects on our mental health and self-worth, and nothing is changing. We continue to see these platforms profiting and billionaires personal wealth growing exponentially.

When we stand together on WeAre8, we give brands a way to put their money with people and the planet.

I will add here I am in no way an optimist or oozing with positivity all the time, but the realisation that we can actually change the world by standing together on WeAre8 and watching a few brand ads in 2 minutes a day is super exciting for me. Who doesn’t have time to do that? We can help reverse the economic injustice, lack of value, and actually support communities in need when we stand together. But WeAre8 is about so much more. It’s about the joy of what is possible when we stand together as a community. And that’s the fun part of my job.

My job is to help you realise the true power of your voice to change the world and dream up creative ways for us to unite and make real impact every day.

Because we CAN change the world together. For real.

Let me share how this works.

There are 3 million children in the UK that do not have enough food. You can eradicate this problem. When 3 million people spend 2 minutes a day on WeAre8, we can get meals to those in need for just 25p with FareShare and create a sustainable end to child food poverty. And that’s just the beginning.

Just imagine, when 25 million of us are calling on the oil companies to stop destroying and profiting on that destruction of our world. We can rebuild our planet.

Just imagine, when 50 million of us are supporting accessible education for all. We can empower millions of children to become our future leaders and reach their full potential.

Just imagine, when 100 million of us are ditching the harmful platforms that fuel hate and divide. We can come together and focus on what truly matters.

There has never been a place where we can change the world just by being a part of a community. All we have to do is turn up.

I recognise the true power of a billion small actions to change the world. We all follow and connect with each other, we fall in love with people and the stories they tell. This is what connects us as human beings and unites us for good. My mission in the community feed is to create a place for us all to come together to feel inspired, truly connected with people across the globe, and above all - celebrate the fact that we are changing the world together.

I would love to hear your ideas on things we can do as a community to really rock the world. Shoot a note to me at community@weare8.com and let’s save our planet.