Place ad spend with people and our planet.

November 10, 2021

Jill Cooper

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Ok, we’re going to get serious here for a minute...

Ok, we’re going to get serious here for a minute...

Every year, brands around the world spend 550 Billion dollars on advertising. In the United States alone, nearly 356 billion dollars was spent on digital advertising in 2020 and 21.1 billion pounds in the UK. (Source 1, Source 2) Brands are spending an insane amount of money trying to get their ad in front of us, but do we feel good when ads are thrown at us on every platform, bombarding us with messages that aren’t relevant? No, not at all. At WeAre8, we have flipped the system to include humanity in the value exchange.

People and the planet need to be valued and respected.

We are much more connected than ever and the amount of platforms we all use is only increasing. While this is amazing and innovating new ways of communicating, we’re lending our time and eyes to ads that may be detrimental to our lives and the planet.

A study by Andrew Oswald from The University of Warwick found a significant negative connection between the amount spent on advertising and happiness. His analysis showed “if [brands] doubled advertising spending, it would result in a 3% drop in life satisfaction.”

Badvertising released a study in 2020 that concluded, “substantial scientific evidence exists to support the claim that advertising has indirect but real effects on climate and ecological degradation.” In the past, we have seen the advertising industry put forth initiatives that have helped us and the environment, such as tobacco consumption. When we use our voices for causes that we care about, we can make incredible, positive change.   (source)

The advertising industry can’t survive without us. Humanity, happiness and the success of brands can all fuel each other to do good for society and the planet. We must stand together as a global community for a brighter future!

The new age of advertising is here - good for people and the planet!

We want to support brands that provide us with happiness and respect. And it all falls with the money.

If brands shift just 20% of their budget, that is 100 Billion dollars that can go to fueling good for us, society, and the environment. 100 billion dollars could make serious positive change for education access, clean and accessible water, those facing hunger, and the climate crisis. We are living in a pandemic that has caused economic pressure on every single person. The shift in budget could allow financial security and could enable us to afford the essentials.

On WeAre8, brands commit 60% of their budget to pay and value us and 5% back to charity. We are calling on brands to use their money and muscle to support us and the causes that we care about by sending us their ads in a way that respects our time and thinks of us as humans - not just a number.

Join our global community to put millions of dollars back in the pockets of us, the people, and the causes that matter most. Our collective voice can inspire brands to take the steps we want and need. We have the power to make incredible change for the planet and everyone in it!

Learn more about WeAre8 and how spending just 2 minutes a day watching brand video ads can solve the world’s biggest problems!

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