Meet SAM-i.

Our innovative and intelligent sustainable ad manager for every brand and agency.

More effective and more cost-efficient than ANY other ad platform.
SAM-i generates incredible audience insights with every campaign and delivers highly tailored user journeys to your brand’s target audience.

When you run your ads through SAM-i, 60% of every pound goes directly into the hands of your viewers and 5% is donated to a charity of your choice.
SAM-i isn’t just changing the face of advertising and delivering increased ROI. It’s changing the world.

SAM-i makes it easy for you to run successful ad campaigns.

Thanks to SAM-i, running effective ad campaigns has never been easier. What’s more, you won’t believe the results your campaigns will generate.

3 second ad views? Forget it. SAM-i delivers unparalleled attention and engagement you never thought possible.

Limited audience insights? Not any more. SAM-i delivers audience insights and tailored user journeys which will wow you and your boss.
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Powerful consumer insights delivered with every campaign.

SAM-i monitors every aspect of your campaign’s performance. Learn all about your customers and collate actionable insights to successfully amplify your brand and inform future campaigns.

Brand Self Service Portal

Media reporting which drives impressive ROI.

SAM-i tracks results and performance across all media metrics and delivers insights to build your business. Performance metrics include viewed, accepted, completed, clicked and conversion if a pixel is present. Location, demographic and user engagement data is also provided. Take your future campaign performance to the next level.

Change the world. With every ad.

When you run your ad campaigns directly through SAM-i, 60% of every pound goes directly into the hands of your consumers and 5% is donated to charity and offsets your carbon footprint. If you don’t have a charity, we make it easy for you to select from our charity partner list. Outstanding results for you and your brand, positive impact to people and planet.

We believe that together, brands and consumers really can solve the world’s biggest problems.


"We’re thrilled to be working with the sustainable ad platform, WeAre8. The consumer insights and 55% click-through rate on our recent campaign were impressive. The fact that we make positive social impact with every campaign and have aligned values is even more meaningful for us at OLIO."

Saasha Celestial-One
- COO, Olio

Want to be like Saasha and improve campaign ROI, and make impact. Course you do!

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