More for People. More for Brands. And more for the World.

WeAre8, headquartered in New York, Is a trusted global marketplace, that utilizes a powerful data engine, to enable brands to sponsor and reward people for their time, creativity and advocacy. Our platform was built to usher in a new future where brands can reward the people who love them, where every dollar spent by brands can have an impact.

Each year, brands spend $500B on advertising AT people.

It’s no surprise we no longer feel liberated by technology but trapped by it. Our data gets scraped, our digital lives traded for unbelievable amounts of money that never comes to us and we get repeatedly bombarded by messages that are not relevant to us.

We imagined a different world. Where brands reward the people who love them, where every dollar spent by brands carries an impact message, where brands can speak with people in a way that values and honors them.

WeAre8 is part of that future and we see a platform where millions of people can use their power for a better life.

What’s in it for brands?


You hold all the cards and brands need to connect with you today more than ever before. Brands need you to help them grow, as their old models aren’t working anymore.

“You are way more powerful than you can imagine and we want to help you discover that power”
What’s in it for the world?

For every sponsorship you complete there is an impact donation to the causes that matter to you. Can you imagine if just a tiny fraction of $500B was given to making an impact, what a difference that would make?

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