Meet Zoe Kalar

Zoe Kalar (formerly known as Sue Fennessy) is a serial tech entrepreneur who has spent 35 years building four transformational companies.

At WeAre8, she is transforming social media by eliminating anonymity and hate, transforming social media in a way that inspires and mobilizes hundreds of millions of people to make positive change in the world. WeAre8's social technology and centralized wallet has restructured the capital flows, so that the money from advertisers is shared with people, publishers, non-profits and planet projects rather than into the pockets of a few social tech giants.

Having built the world's first Generative AI media buying engine, Zoe is not just on a mission to transform advertising and social media in a way that eliminates toxicity, but to unite people at scale in a way that can transform the trajectory of lives across the world – like ending the water crisis and transforming children's access to education.

“By redirecting the power of big tech back into the hands of the people we change everything. With just 4% of the world, 320 Million people, standing together on WeAre8, we can fund and build 400 desalination plants together in one year. We can get free data and phones into the hands of 500 million children in India who could then access entertaining, educational content.”

‘Everything is possible’ is Zoe’s mantra. "We just had to re-architect social media and the advertising capital flows so that the money flows through to people rather than stopping with big tech. Our sharing model works better for everyone – and changes the world in the process."

“When changing the world is cool, easy, quick and fun, and helps you pay your bills at the same time, there is not a person on the planet that won’t want to be part of that.”

Having lived in Shanghai, Singapore, NY and London for the last 25 years, Zoe is an Australian woman on a mission to use technology and creativity to elevate humanity and help solve the biggest problems in the world.