A mindful social media experience 

WeAre8 is a hate-free community that is built upon the idea that collective change and daily actions can make the world a better place. Be inspired by positive and empowering content from our family of creators and be part of a community where you are rewarded through small payments for any advertising viewed on the app. Money you can pay forward to charities and in support of climate solutions.  
WeAre8 Social Media for a Better World. 

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About our Founder

WeAre8 was founded by Australian-born and London-based tech entrepreneur, Sue Fennessy, who has spent the last 30 years creating disruptive businesses in the digital economy across Asia, Europe, and North America.  

Our journey was born out of Sue’s desire to address the negative societal impacts social media had created across the world and a will to revolutionise the $450B digital advertising market by addressing the lack of effectiveness, transparency and waste in many digital advertising models.


Be the social media platform that celebrates and champions good in life.

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We’re here to unite people in support of a better world.


To inspire, empower and enable people to join the goodness and collectively overcome the world's biggest problems in 8 minutes a day.

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What’s in our name?

The 8 symbol has long been associated with the infinite flow of energy and power. It's a symbol that reflects the cause and effect that our community creates every day on WeAre8, where the time spent on social media is put towards making the world a better place.

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We are proud
to be B-Corp

WeAre8 is a certified B-Corporation and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Valuing purpose as much as profit.

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For every brand campaign that runs on WeAre8, 1% of the media budget goes to Ecologi and climate projects that benefit the planet, biodiversity and local communities.

View our Ecologi profile here
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We don’t mark our own homework, WeAre8’s ad delivery is fully audited by PWC.

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