We're on a mission to change the world

The WeAre8 app is all about making a BIG impact on the world through small daily actions! Connect with your squad, share pics and vids and follow inspiring creators who are changing the game. Plus, you can earn rewards for watching videos that support social and environmental causes.

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Here's how it works:

Own your voice and be a part of something bigger

Feel free and be celebrated for being your true self. We spread love, not hate! A zero tolerance for hate is our priority.

Change the world with every video you watch

Watch videos, be rewarded and pay it forward to our charity partners who are working towards a better world, plus monitor the impact you make with our dedicated tracker. We share 60% of our advertising revenue back with people, charity and in support of the planet. Now that’s what we call a true social community!

Get hyped about the real world with some serious creator inspo

Follow artists, musicians, athletes, and global change makers.

See your friends

Stay connected with your friends on your own private feed without any disruption or algorithms, so you never miss a moment!

Save the planet

Invest your time in the world's only B-Corp certified social app that's all about the love for people and planet!

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Meet Zoe Kalar

Zoe Kalar, founder and global CEO of WeAre8, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

From starting MM Communications at the age of 21, and growing it to over 100 people and 4 offices across Asia Pacific before selling to Omnicom in 2000. Zoe has since built 3 successful businesses across the world, spanning entertainment, media, data, and communications. This includes founding and leading NY based media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index, which fueled decisions for the world's largest media and finance companies and gained her recognition as an innovator to watch by Forbes.

In 2020, Zoe created WeAre8, the world's first B-corp certified social media ecosystem, built to transform the digital advertising sector and address the broken and divisive state of the social media industry. WeAre8 inspires and unites people in support of the planet, bringing together individuals, brands, and charities by sharing revenue for watching ads, while inspiring people with their power to change the world.

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