A mission to
unite billions for good.

WeAre8 aims to provide a sustainable platform for transformative change through billions of small actions. Big tech's obsession with growth has driven us to the brink of oblivion. WeAre8 is a platform where the 99% can hold the 1% to account and reclaim control of their attention.

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Our mission is to inspire, empower and enable 1 billion people to solve the world's biggest problems in 2 minutes a day. Everyday.

We are united by a mindset and a mission. We believe that when brands value people, respect us and the things we care about, we can change the world together and have fun doing it.

Our values


We are for everyone. We don’t care about the colour of your skin, who you kiss or how many followers you have, we value you for being you.


We make the impossible possible. Together we have the power to change the world in just 2 minutes a day. Now that is magical!


We want people to feel elevated and valued when they use our technology and inspire them to use their collective voice to imbue positive change. We elevate and celebrate brands who are using their ad dollars as a force for good.


Transparency and trust is at the core of everything we do. Our technology enables  brands and people to unite in a way that people feel valued, respected and rewarded everyday.

Sue Fennessy

CEO & Founder

Sue Fennessy is a serial tech entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years creatingdisruptive businesses in the digital economy across Asia, Europe, and North America.
She started her first business at age 21, selling it to Omnicom in 2000, and was highlighted by Forbes as a leading innovator in 2017. She is the founder, largestshareholder, and former CEO of the world’s leading media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index, that has exclusive contracts with all global media buyingagencies and is relied on by leading media and finance companies including Comcast, NBC, Disney, Warner Media, FOX, Discovery, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.
With a unique view of the $450B digital advertising market, Sue became obsessed with the lack of effectiveness, transparency and waste in major digital platforms and the damaging effect this was having on content creators, people and publishers. She saw an opportunity to create the world's first sustainable media ecosystem, that elevates publisher content and revenue, all while directly connecting brands and consumers for mutual profit and purpose.
WeAre8 is a new era in social media and marketing - one that harnesses the tremendous power of the global media market in service of the people and the planet and elevates people’s unique and powerful voices, in a safe environment.


Our team are the heartbeat of our WeAre8. A group of dedicated changemakers working everyday for our community to build a safer, more humane digital world.  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Sue Fennessy

CEO & Founder

Jill Cooper


Haley Deitch


Maggie Chestler

Community Lead

Jess Jarrold

Sales manager

Jaume Cifre

Director of Engagement

Rose Barry

Account lead

Sophie Pluck

Account Director

We are
proud to B

WeAre8 is a B Corp and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and transparency. Values which are constantly put second to profit within the industry we operate in.