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Social media that unites people to change the world

Social media was originally established to connect people. But it has now fuelled unprecedented isolation and division. It has damaged democracy, exploited creators and publishers and stripped people of value.

Addictive algorithms control what people see and how people feel, forcing more ads and less friends into our feeds, so the tech giants can make even more money. This has turned humanity into the largest unconscious and unpaid workforce in human history.

Not on our watch.
Join us on WeAre8, the People's Platform.

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We’re shifting the power of big tech to the people


not hate


not division


not control


not users

Have you ever thought that you were on this planet for a bigger purpose?

To do something, and be a part of something that is so remarkable, so insanely magical that it makes life amazing. We were put on this planet to give love and feel loved. It’s that simple. And your individual voice has more value and more power than you imagine.

But our collective voices is where the real power is. When we use our collective voices in a place that values and unites us, we the people can solve every problem on the planet. So let’s come together, stand together and change the world.

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Tasya van Ree
Whitney Bradshaw
Obey Giant
Shepard Fairey
Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand
Pat Cummins
Sarah Wilson
Abbey Clancy
Kamala Lopez
Brix Smith
Henri Made That
Kat Benzova
Juan Mata
Sanjeev Bhaskar
BBC Earth
AJ & Curtis Pritchard
Patricia Aarquette

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