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Imagine if you could change the world every time you watched an ad. Now you can.

Oh and you'll get paid for your time too!

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We've flipped the system so that brands value and pay YOU 10-20p, as well as donate to charity, every time you watch their video ads.

Why should social networks be making all the money from your precious time? 

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What you do with your money is your choice. Track, donate and claim your earnings.

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We make it easy and fun for you to change the world.

Every time you watch a brand video, a donation is made to charity. But what is truly magical is being a part of a community that’s changing the world.

When we stand united and call on brands to put their ad dollars with people and the planet, we will make incredible change, together.

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A billion small actions can change the world.


donated to Fareshare supplies a meal to someone in need in the UK.


donated to Room To Read provides a child in the UK with a book and literacy pack.


donated to Cancer Research UK buys a lab research kit to help beat Cancer.


donated to Arbor Day Foundation enables a new tree to be planted.
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How it works.


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Download the WeAre8 app to access your wallet and feed. Get inspired by the awesome community committed to changing the world, and celebrate your friends for making impact.


Watch brand videos
We will send you short videos from brands that value you, via your preferred communication method (email, text, or push notification). Watch them, answer a few short questions and earn between 10p - 20p per video. It’s that simple.


Get paid
Brands pay for your time directly into your WeAre8 app wallet. Choose to pay it forward to charity, pay off your mobile phone bill or top up your Paypal. Brands donate a percentage of their spend to charity too.


Change the world
Every time you watch a brand video on WeAre8, a direct donation is made by the brands. You can also pay it forward to charities you love, and join the 8 community to make real change.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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“I can do good for the world - and get paid at the same time!”

- Becki B.
“A movement created for like-minded people. Changing the world for good!”

- Abby M.
“Get paid real money for watching ads that usually get thrown at you, and support charities at the same time. What’s not to love?!”

- Debbie G.
“I love how by spending just a couple of minutes on my phone every day, I can make a real difference.”

- Matt B.
“The app is very easy to use - able to connect people with others that share (the same) values and create action.”

- Bradley D.