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Join Channel 4, UKTV (a BBC Studios Company), Centerstone Capital, Rio Ferdinand and many others in investing in the future of digital media.

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A social media app that inspires you, is good for the planet, free-from-hate, puts money in your wallet and celebrates and champions good in the world in just 8 minutes a day. How good is that!

WeAre8 - The People’s Platform
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WeAre8. Built with love.

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Follow or become a verified 8Creator and join a more mindful social media community. Our reimagined social media feed, The 8Stage, is dedicated to positivity, sharing different perspectives of the world around us, nurtures community and encourages collective change.  
8 minutes a day is all you need.


On WeAre8, you are valued and paid by brands directly for your time. For every ad you choose to watch, you receive small payments in your 8Wallet.

Good for people
and the planet

Everytime you are paid in your 8Wallet,  you can choose to pay it forward to charity, or top up your PayPal account. Plus, every time you choose to watch an ad on WeAre8, a direct donation is made to one of our impact partners. It’s that simple. The collective impact we can all have together is amazing.

We’re here to unite billions to save the planet.
Join the goodness now.

It’s all good on WeAre8 - The People’s Platform.

WeAre8. Built with love.

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