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as an 8Creator

8Creators are the heartbeat of our platform's content. You are the art directors, culture shapers and tastemakers who have content creation in your DNA. 
You’ll share our values believing that social media can (and should), be used as a force for good. Your content will act as a window to the world and you’ll have a genuine passion to educate, inspire and unite through your skills.
Our platform enables you to help change the world by just doing what you do.

Download the WeAre8 app and request verification via your profile settings to apply.

Why become an 8Creator?

8 Creator

Two feeds. All occasions.

As an 8Creator, you decide where your content goes. The dedicated Friends Feed is where you keep up to date with the ones you love in a private feed that is only viewable to you and your mates.  Our curated 8Stage Feed is our window to the world where you can share your best content with the wider 8Community.

8Stage and Friends Feed Showcase


Ready to get your golden halo to let people know you’re an approved 8Creator, and start changing the world with your content?

We're currently verifying creators who are demonstrating their creativity through: 
- Public social media profiles on Instagram or TikTok
- A minimum of 20 high-quality posts on existing channels
- A strong and highly engaged audience 
- Clear content purpose and values that align to WeAre8

What are you waiting for? Get started.  

Whether it's art, activism, music, nature, wellbeing or something else. We love content that reconnects and unites us as a world. Create your window using these top tips:

- Filter less and reconnect more
- Don't over produce and keep it real
- We are a short-form content platform so keep your videos under 2 minute
- Statics and stills are fully welcomed - whatever works best for your content
- Use our official hashtags so people and WeAre8 teams can find your content
- Have fun and bring your true, authentic self to WeAre8
- Remember, just by posting content on our platform, you're helping the world

Want to see how your time on social media can make the world a better place?

Simply enter the number of followers you have to see just how much impact you could create if your community spent just 8 minutes a day on WeAre8.

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8Creator Fund

Bring your big creative ideas to life

We are passionate about bringing untold stories to life. The 8Creator Fund provides financial and promotional support to content creators. What story do you want to tell?

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Get discovered
with our hashtags

As algorithm free with an editorially curated 8Stage, use our official hashtags to get your content discovered by the 8community. Simply add one to each of your posts:










The 8 Stage is a curated feed of the worlds best and most impactful content. Upload your best creative and link back to your other social channels to grow an organic and active audience.

Build a home for
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WeAre8 has partnered with to put the power of Web3 at your fingertips. Empowering creators to own their creative destiny. Your website. Your story.

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The Do’s & Don'ts of our world


Use your thoughts, words and actions wisely. They are powerful and this is a hate free zone.

Post content that you feel inspires, educates and unites

Honour co-creators, make sure you tag and credit


Produce content that is violent, racist, sexist or abusive. You will be removed from the platform.

Generate or fuel, fake news related content. Ground your content in facts and honesty where possible.

Steal other peoples content and pass it off as your own. We're all about elevating one another.