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Power to the creator

We believe in the power of creators to shift culture, change behaviour and heal the world. We're standing up against big tech's exploitative algorithms to ensure creators reclaim the power of their storytelling for good. All while getting money into the pockets of their fans.  Welcome to the 8Stage.

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Power to
your people

WeAre8 is home to the creators that recognise the infinite value in every human. For too long big tech has enabled the few to profit off the backs of the many. We believe in the power of creators to lead communities, shift perspectives and solve the worlds biggest problems.

Together we can change the world.

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WeAre8 has partnered with to put the power of Web3 at your fingertips. Empowering creators to own their creative destiny. Your website. Your story.

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On WeAre8 we have given full control of our content and can redirect our followers to any other platform including our own websites.


WeAre8 recognised the value of my content and is committed to helping creators monetise their content in every possible way. This is starting with a creator fund where 5% of the ad revenue is redirected to the creators.


We make it really easy for creators to activate their audiences in support of charities they care about. Inspire your followers on 8 to donate their earnings to your chosen charities.

Creator Fund

We are empowering creators to make content freely and purely. 5% of all our ad revenue is put into our Creator Fund, which is used to award money directly into creator's WeAre8 Wallets for monthly creator challenges. 

Creator Challenges

Every month a brief will be released to the WeAre8 Creator family challenging you to create meaningful and inspiring content for your audiences around a particular theme and in support of a cause. Winners will be showcased on the 8Stage and paid directly into their WeAre8 Wallet.

Creator Challenge

Creator Events

WeAre8 Creators will be invited to regular events that will be opportunities for creators to collaborate, network and create amazing content for all of their social channels.

"WeAre8 is where creators can use their platforms for good. United we can return power to the people and help to heal all the suffering we see in today's world."

Harrison Osterfield


The 8 Stage is a curated feed of the worlds best and most impactful content. Upload your best creative and link back to your other social channels to grow an organic and active audience.

Rules of the 8Stage

We respect and appreciate art in all its forms and its power to elevate humanity.

There is no hate on WeAre8. We do not tolerate racist, sexist or abusive content.

Create videos up to 1 minute, but under 30 seconds work best.

We invite feedback and all your thoughts and ideas - please be open with us and give us time to implement all your feedback.

Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful. Please be kind and respectful to others.

We created WeAre8 to inspire and mobilise a billion people to take small actions every day to solve the world’s biggest problems, so please use your power to influence others responsibly.

Always tag and honour any collaborators.


Join the ever growing community of verified change makers on WeAre8. Use your platform to empower your followers to stand with you and make real world impact. Stand up for what you believe in. Download the app an request verification via your profile.

Download the WeAre8 app and
request verification via your profile: