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Come and join a new wave of social media as a creator on WeAre8 and be part of our mission to unite 1% of people on our planet to make a positive impact everyday.

Two billion of us are living on social technology that we know is making us more isolated, fuelling the mental health crisis, the climate crisis, destroying democracy and dividing us in ways that are shocking for society, humanity and the planet. WeAre8 is an alternative that is social media for the love of people and our planet.

Download the WeAre8 app and request verification via your profile settings to apply.

Why become a Creator?

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How can I get started?

Creator Verification
Request in your app settings. We love content that has purpose, positivity and celebrates the real world in all its glory. To ensure you're a real person, we verify creators on WeAre8 using:

- Proof of an exisiting social media profile OR
- Demonstrate your creativity with links to a website or online portfolio.

Start posting! We are on the lookout to promote your work and surface you as a creator to follow on the 8Stage.

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Whether it's art, activism, music, nature, wellbeing or something else. We love content that reconnects and unites us as a world. Create your window using these top tips:

- Filter less and reconnect more
- Don't over produce and keep it real
- We are a short-form content platform so keep your videos under 2 minutes
- Statics and stills are fully welcomed - whatever works best for your content
- Use our official hashtags so people and WeAre8 teams can find your content
- Have fun and bring your true, authentic self to WeAre8
- Remember, just by posting content on our platform, you're helping the world

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The WeAre8 Creator Fund

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Successful entries will get full access to WeAre8’s creative team and resources to take their idea off the page and onto the screens of the entire WeAre8 community, and beyond 🚀. What story will you tell?

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The 8 Stage is a curated feed of the worlds best and most impactful content. Upload your best creative and link back to your other social channels to grow an organic and active audience.

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