Jess Jarrold

What is the 8Pixel?

The 8Pixel is a piece of code that you can place on your website to track the actions and activity of the WeAre8 community after they have watched a brand video via our platform.

How does the 8Pixel work?

The 8Pixel measures a range of actions that directly tie back to business goals; such as product views, leads, subscriptions or purchases.

Having an 8Pixel set up allows you to track citizen events; so after a person has watched a brand video via our platform, and takes action, the 8Pixel tracks that event and allows you to attribute your brand video to their activity. As the 8Pixel measures more conversion events, WeAre8 learns more about the types of people who are most likely to take similar actions with your brand, allowing you to unlock conversion optimization for your retargeting campaigns.

Why run the 8Pixel?

With 98% opt-in, 100% VTR and an average CTR of 33% on brand video ad campaigns, brands can now further build on these transformational results and retarget citizens through our sustainable ad manager (SAM-i) and drive further ROI. Brands will not only deliver results back to their business but with every pound spent on WeAre8, 5% goes to charity & carbon offsetting. It’s a win win for all!  

Ben Roberts, Performance Marketing Manager at Chip says: “Myself and the team have been extremely impressed by WeAre8, both in terms of their expertise and the performance of the campaign. It’s been great to see such strong engagement metrics across videos that haven’t performed as well across other channels and we’ve really appreciated their input to ensure our creative is as strong as possible.”

If you’re interested in running a campaign or want to hear more about our transformational results and the 8Pixel, please get in touch.  

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