WeAre8 Launches First-of-Its-Kind Audience Network Across UK’s Largest Premium Publishers

Revolutionary Ad Network Integrates The GoodIQ Ethical Media Index for High-Impact, Sustainable Digital Campaigns

London, UK – 11th June 2024 – WeAre8, the innovative social technology platform, announces the launch of its transformational audience network in the UK. This groundbreaking initiative allows brands to run targeted video campaigns at scale using the ‘Golden 8 ad unit’ across premium publishers, leveraging WeAre8 technology and The GoodIQ Ethical Media Index.

Ethical Media Index (EMI) utilises over 50 data points encompassing content placement, corporate reporting, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), The GoodIQ EMI assigns comprehensive scores to the world’s largest publisher domains. This enables brands to optimise performance, whilst achieving sustainability and DE&I goals and ensuring a holistic approach to ethical media.

Supported by many of the leading publishers and talent across the UK, including ambassador, Rio Ferdinand, WeAre8 redefines social media by eliminating anonymity, harmful content, and algorithm-controlled feeds, by inspiring and uniting people to make a positive impact every day. The user experience is unique where ‘citizens’  can opt-in to watch brand videos, being valued and paid for their time. The high attention rates , click-through rates and results that WeAre8 delivers is now delivered at further scale across world- class publishers on the open web with the EMI.

Zoe Kalar, WeAre8 Founder & Global CEO, commented, “This marks the beginning of transformational change in our industry, where brands can get exceptional results at scale, while leaving people feeling valued and also making positive impact in the world.  With our industry-first technology, including validated identity, centralised wallet, AI, and multi-language UX, our ‘Golden 8’ ad experience positions publishers, charities, and climate projects at the economic centre of advertising, exactly where they should be. Coupled with The GoodIQ Ethical Media Index, this provides an unparalleled ethical approach to digital advertising, revolutionising the landscape for brands and consumers alike.”

The WeAre8 ad network reaches 22 million people across the UK, offering brands a powerful and ethical way to engage with a vast and diverse audience, across premium publishers. Speedo and Costa Coffee are amongst the brand launch partners, showcasing their commitment to sustainable and ethical advertising practices.

Catherine Pronzato, Managing Director, EssenceMediacom, who oversees Speedo commented: “WeAre8's audience network, powered by The GoodIQ Ethical Media Index, provides an unparalleled opportunity for our clients to reach new audiences in a meaningful and sustainable way. EssenceMediacom are committed to supporting our clients to make more ethical and socially responsible media choices and we are excited to see the positive impact that this collaboration will have on brands and the wider community.”

Key Features of WeAre8’s UK Ad Network Powered by The GoodIQ EMI:

• Community Impact: With each impression delivered, WeAre8 contributes to charities and climate solutions, fueling real change and supporting significant initiatives.

• Sustainability: Every campaign across the WeAre8 audience network is carbon-neutralised through a partnership with Ecologi, reducing the digital footprint of brands' activities and supporting WeAre8’s mission to deliver carbon-neutral campaigns.

• Transparency and Accountability: The collaboration prioritises transparency in advertising metrics and real-time reporting via WeAre8’s sustainable ad manager, SAM-i, ensuring brands clearly understand their digital campaign impacts.

• Engagement with Purpose: Brands connect with an audience that values social and environmental responsibility, becoming part of a community actively driving positive change.

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About WeAre8

WeAre8, founded by tech entrepreneur Zoe Kalar (formerly known as Sue Fennessy), is a revolutionary social media platform that protects people’s self expression, values people's time and empowers them to make a positive impact. Through its transformational economic model, WeAre8 gives back the majority of its ad revenue to its citizens, community groups, charities, creators, and planet projects. By allowing individuals to earn micro-payments for ad-views and providing them with the flexibility to pay it forward, WeAre8 is a movement towards shifting the infinite power of big tech back into the hands of the people and inspires its citizens to live their best lives off-screen. For more information, visit www.WeAre8.com.

About EssenceMediacom

Committed to delivering marketing breakthroughs for brands, EssenceMediacom fuses performance, data, analytics and creative technology with DNA scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise. As part of WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications services group, and GroupM, WPP’s consolidated media investment management arm, we have access to the richest data, most robust benchmarks and most advanced capabilities in the market. This helps us provide comprehensive solutions to all marketing challenges. Our ‘breakthrough’ ambition is underpinned by our commitment to ‘continuous learning’. We aim to ensure our people fulfil their potential by investing their whole-person wellbeing, careers and capabilities, which in turn helps grow our clients’ businesses. EssenceMediacom UK (consisting of EM London, EM North Group, EM Scotland and EssenceMediacomX), with 2,000 people across 5 offices, is the UK’s largest communications specialist, with billings of more than £2.1 billion (Source: COMvergence, 2021). Its UK client roster includes Sky, Tesco, eBay, Boots, Coca-Cola (TCCC), Mars and Google.

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