Birmingham County FA and WeAre8 unite to power a healthier and more sustainable future for football

WeAre8, the transformational social platform founded by tech entrepreneur Zoe Kalar, is proud to announce a partnership with Save Today, Play Tomorrow, a program initiated by the Birmingham County FA to empower and engender thousands of players and supporters to make football healthier and more sustainable for future generations. Together, WeAre8 and Birmingham County FA will make it fun and easy for their 80,000 players as well as supporters to unite in a safe social home all whilst helping shape how much we will be able to enjoy the game in years to come. 

With finance a huge challenge for many grassroots clubs, and social media at the forefront of a record volume of reports of discriminatory behaviour in the sport (Kick it out 2022/2023 report -, Birmingham County FA have found a solution to two of their biggest challenges  in WeAre8 - social media for the love of people and our planet. 

With WeAre8’s unique application of validated identity and recognition / AI infrastructure, players, fans and families now have a safe social alternative where they are seen by their friends and communities, and feel free to express their biggest selves without fear of negativity and hate.

In addition to being a ‘safe’ home for its citizens, one of the key differentiators of WeAre8 lies in its transformational economic model. The platform's unique approach ensures that the majority of its ad revenue (60%) goes directly back to the people, charities, community groups, creators, and planet projects for every ad viewed on the app. Instead of interrupting people with forced in-feed ads, WeAre8 values and respects people's time by sharing the ad revenue with them and giving them the opportunity to make a real difference in their community by paying it forward.  WeAre8 literally puts the power back into the hands of people and the communities they care about.

When just 5,000 of the Birmingham County FA community  watch 2 minutes of ads a day and pay it forward, it will get £730,000 back to Save Today, Play Tomorrow every year. This will make a huge difference to their industry leading efforts to decarbonise the game. 

Now, with the partnership between WeAre8 and Save Today, Play Tomorrow, the players and wider community will be able to use their time on WeAre8 to support the work of Save Today, Play Tomorrow. WeAre8 will be their lead social channel, providing a space where the community can connect, engage with meaningful content, and unite to support a brighter, more sustainable future. 

"WeAre8 is more than just another platform, we are empowering people and uniting them for positive change. We have built technology that is all about putting the power back into the hands of the people, and creating a real online community. A social home that is all about love, not hate, unity not division, and where you are not just another user or an eyeball, you are a valued citizen. I look forward to supporting Save Today, Play Tomorrow and elevating the amazing work they are doing for football to future proof and safeguard the game and community, both on and off the screen and the pitch..” Said Zoe Kalar, Founder and CEO, WeAre8.

"WeAre8 is the perfect fit for our Save Today, Play Tomorrow program," said Richard Lindsay, Sustainability and Insights Manager from the Birmingham FA. "Not only does it align with our vision of creating a healthier social community, but it also empowers our members to make more sustainable choices. We are excited to see how this partnership will benefit our community and inspire the next generation."

Rio Ferdinand, former England Captain and WeAre8 Ambassador, commented: “We need to do all we can to future proof the sport that so many people love.  I’m looking forward to watching Save Today, Play Tomorrow go from strength to strength in partnership with WeAre8 - social media built to unite and empower communities around the world."

Through this WeAre8 partnership, for Birmingham FA, the possibilities are endless. The platform's user-friendly interface, coupled with its commitment to protecting self-expression, ensures that every member of the Birmingham FA community feels heard and valued. Whether you're a seasoned player or a passionate supporter, WeAre8 is your social home.

So, join the movement and be part of something bigger than yourself. Experience the power of WeAre8 and help shape a healthier future for the Birmingham FA community. Together, we can make a difference.

WeAre8 is available to download now from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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