Claim your name on Australia’s newest social media app WeAre8 Feel-good and free-from-hate social media app puts money in people’s wallet and makes a positive impact on the world

WeAre8 Australia

Following the successful launch in the UK, the world's only sustainable social media platform, WeAre8, is now available for people looking for an inspirational and free-from-hate alternative that puts money back in their pockets, leaves them feeling good, and helps the planet.

WeAre8 is the brainchild of Australian tech entrepreneur Sue Fennessy who realised that social media was anything but social. While other platforms dive headfirst into the metaverse, disconnecting users from reality, WeAre8 will unite people by celebrating and championing the good in the world.

What separates WeAre8 from other social platforms is that no algorithm determines what content citizens watch. Ads are opt-in; every time a WeAre8 Citizen chooses to watch one, money goes to an impact partner or charity. It's good uplifting content, good for people's wallets, and good for the planet. It's all good on WeAre8.

How it works:

  • WeAre8 Citizens are invited to watch eight minutes of curated content daily on the reimagined social media feed - the 8Stage. The content is dedicated to positivity, sharing different perspectives of the world, nurturing community and encouraging collective change.
  • 8Citizens can follow creators from around the world or become a verified 8Creator and contribute to a more mindful social media community.
  • Watch opt-in adverts and get paid for your time. For every ad you choose to watch, you receive small payments in your 8Wallet. Plus, a donation is also made to charities positively impacting the world.  
  • After eight minutes, WeAre8 actively tells people to go and enjoy the rest of your day off their screen.

WeAre8 founder Sue Fennessy said, “Technology and social media have divided us more than ever before. Algorithms control what we see, making our world smaller and more divided. It is not making us happier or more connected.

“WeAre8 is a platform where people feel valued, loved, inspired, and offers a perspective of the world through a different lens, for eight minutes, everyday. We want to leave people with a sense of reconnection to the world around them.

“Since launching in the UK earlier this year, WeAre8 has hundreds-of-thousands of citizens who are actively making a real-world impact to the planet and their own wallets.”  

WeAre8 has already attracted several high-profile personalities, including former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand who is committed to driving positive change through the platform.

"We're in an economic crisis at the moment," Ferdinand said. “The climate and the environment are under threat, and hate speech is prolific on other social media platforms. We are hoping to alleviate those problems, all by joining a community that leaves people feeling good, uplifted and inspired."

WeAre8 is the world’s only carbon-negative social media platform, with 50% of profits going back to people's pockets through a revolutionised advertising experience, 5% to charities and carbon offsetting and 5% to a creator fund.

WeAre8 is available to download now from Apple App Store or Google Play.

About WeAre8

WeAre8 is the ground-breaking social media app that inspires you, is good for the planet, free from hate, puts money in your wallet, and celebrates and champions good in the world in just 8 minutes a day.

With a transformational ad model, people are also valued and paid every time they watch an ad with money going to charity and in their wallet.  

As a certified B-corporation, WeAre8 is funded by leaders and organisations who want to change the world, including former English footballer, Rio Ferdinand, the UK's Channel 4, and BBC Studios through UKTV. WeAre8 is on a mission to inspire, empower and enable billions of people to join the goodness and collectively overcome the world's biggest problems in 8 minutes a day.

Founded by London-based Australian tech entrepreneur Sue Fennessy, WeAre8 was officially released in the Australian market on 8 August, 2022 and followed on from WeAre8's release in the UK earlier this year.

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