Collaborate Unites with UK Partners to Deliver Solutions with Impact

Collaborate is an expanded client offering for brands looking to make an impact beyond just business results, with marketing solutions that leave a positive impact on people and in support of the planet.

Operating under WeAre8’s B-Corp certification, which means working to the highest social and environmental performance standards, Collaborate will provide marketers with a suite of services beyond the app's opt-in advertising experience, and tap into like-minded providers to offer a single source of briefing and execution to deliver clients with deeper and more comprehensive solutions. Additional services offered by WeAre8’s Collaborate will include cross channel ideation, strategy, activations, content production and licensing, along with bespoke insights into a growing segment known as generation changemaker - those who actively want to make the world a better place. The new division will also provide brands with a direct pipeline of creators who align with WeAre8’s sustainable and ethical ethos.

Collaborate launches with French automobile brand, Citroën, as a UK foundation partner. Citroën will partner with WeAre8 to launch a multi-platform content series spotlighting the stories of good Citroën have been helping partners like The Big Issue and social enterprises like SignLive, Band of Builders and Citizen Zoo to achieve.

Greg Taylor, Citroën UK’s Managing Director, said: “We are excited to tell the stories of our important collaborations in a new way, using WeAre8’s original and thought-provoking platform. We work with some fantastic organisations executing programmes of positive action and inclusion on a national scale, and we are proud to be a continued part of their operations, be it through our support, or their work with us.”

On the new offering, WeAre8 Chief Commercial Officer, Laura Chase, said, “Since launching WeAre8 the demand from clients looking for guidance and best practice on how they can maximise their investment at all stages of their campaigns so they leave a positive impact on their business, but just as importantly on the community and the planet has never been more apparent.”
Collaborate will be a guiding force when it comes to delivering solutions that drive positive impact both on and off the WeAre8 network, with a speciality in helping brands connect with a socially aware and highly conscious citizen who is actively looking to make a difference to the world.”

As part of this offering, WeAre8 UK are also partnering with other future-facing, complimentary platforms and products that are producing fresh content and changing the game; including the world’s largest and most influential LGBTQ+ media brand PinkNews, the advertising network The GoodNet, and the podcast marketplace Acast. 

“Together with WeAre8, we've built a brilliant opportunity for brands looking to better support their audience's mental health,” said Josh Woodhouse, Acast’s Regional Managing Director - UK & Ireland. “It not only aligns our brand partners with content that supports people's mental health, in more positive media environments, it also pays money forward to mental health charities to help drive much needed change.”

Oliver Deane, Co-Founder at The GoodNet added: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with WeAre8, as both our companies enable brands to reach valuable ethical audiences while ensuring their marketing spend positively impacts the world through a range of different ways. This includes supporting media owners and content creators who encourage sustainable living and climate project donations. Collaborate is a brilliant initiative and yet another way that brands can achieve both commercial and societal results.”

Benjamin Cohen, Chief Executive of PinkNews said: “In an age when PinkNews’ multi-award winning LGBTQ+ inclusive content is needed more than ever, we are excited to be reaching a new audience on the WeAre8 platform. We feel that PinkNews’ mission to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves aligns with the mission of WeAre8 and look forward to collaborating as this exciting new platform grows.“

Collaborate is a marketing solutions division, in which WeAre8 are uniting with partners to power a better future for brands, people and the planet.

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M: 07960323118

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