Earth Day

Sue Fennessy

Today is Earth Day. Probably the most important Earth Day ever. Scientists have agreed we have just eight years left before the damage we have done to our precious planet is irreversible  – so this is it. We are staring down the barrel of passing the point when we can limit climate change to save the world as we know it.

The stats are depressing. Over the next year, we are going to create over 2 billion tonnes of landfill. 771 million people are going to be thirsty and 1.6 billion lack adequate shelter. Even more worrying is that many people think this is too big a problem to solve. They are right. On our own it is impossible but together, anything is possible.

Today we have a unique opportunity to connect globally for the first time in history. Billions of people have the technology to come together to achieve amazing things. There is just one problem that has stopped this amazing technological advance. Facebook has connected us, but they have also fuelled climate misinformation, damaged democracies and stripped us of our economic value. In 2021, they made $117 billion in ad revenue from people's time, and we have become the largest unpaid workforce in human history. There is no question we are in an economic and climate crisis and the two are inextricably linked.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At WeAre8 we are on a mission to direct billions of advertisers' dollars back to people and unite in support of the planet. We built WeAre8 to make it fun and easy for people to change the world in just two minutes a day. So there is reason to be optimistic.

I am determined not to lose any more time. We have invested $30m in building technology to make it easy for people to stand together and for brands to get better results, and build deeper relationships with their customers.

It is time to value humanity. And this video shows what is possible when just 1% of the human population comes together with a common purpose. Imagine what is possible when 800 million people stand together.

I’m calling on every person and every advertiser to join WeAre8 to make this Earth Day a reason to feel hopeful that we will experience thousands more.

Listen to Rio's voicemail to Sue and see the huge impact Rio and his audience can create on WeAre8 here.

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