The impact of rising populations on the planet and its people

Sue Fennessy

The earth holds almost 8 billion people. By 2057, the United Nations projects that this will reach 10 billion. Crucially, this means over 90 billion tonnes of resources are extracted from our precious planet every year.

The growing population affects every element of our world, from economic development and poverty to natural resources and energy. Many believe this impact will only rise as the population continues to grow.

But we have the ability to change.

Every single one of us is a citizen of this planet and holds the power to change it. The figures illustrating the rising population demonstrate our collective impact. Just think what we can achieve when we harness that impact and work together.

Our world can get better. With an increasing human population has come massive advancements in healthcare, social support and education to name just a few  - it’s now time to focus this impact on our precious planet.

What the statistics also highlight is the significance of time. We know we have less than 8 years to save the planet, and in that time the human population will have increased by another 10%. In that same period, Facebook has the potential to extract over $900 billion from the human population in ad revenue alone.

Imagine if that money was diverted back to people and the planet.

Imagine if we stood together to make every individual action count.

Imagine if we saw our increasing population not as the planet’s downfall but as its saviour.

With WeAre8, we can. Our 8Citizens stand together in support of the planet, whilst redirecting billions of advertisers' dollars back into their own pockets. We built transformational technology that makes it fun and easy for people to change the world in just two minutes a day.

Every time you watch an advert with us, the advertiser makes a donation to an important cause. Then, once you build up your wallet, you can choose to ‘Pay It Forward’ to one of our amazing charity partners or withdraw it straight to your PayPal account.

Your actions have power. Use it to make the world a better place on WeAre8.

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