Unite for Change with 8 to Plate: Join WeAre8's Campaign to fight food insecurity and provide 80,000 meals to those in need


WeAre8, the social media platform for change, is stepping up to address the modern-day food crisis affecting millions of people worldwide and they’re asking you to join the campaign, which you can do in the easiest way imaginable on their app, at no cost to you.

The recent State of Food Insecurity Report(1) published in July has shown us that with 783 million people living in hunger we must all start to find solutions to the problem of people living with food insecurity. 1.3 million children in Australia are living in food-insecure households(2), 14% of children in New Zealand growing up in households where food runs out(3), 3 million tonnes of food going to waste in the UK each year (enough to create 7 billion meals)(4) and 34 million people facing food insecurity every day in the United States(5), the need to unite and combat food insecurity has never been more critical and the urgency is undeniable.

The team at WeAre8 believe that no one should ever have to worry about where their next meal will come from and their innovative social impact campaign, 8 to Plate, aims to make a life-changing impact by providing 80,000 meals to those in need within just 8 weeks. Together with charity partners, advertisers, and their well known changemakers, WeAre8 are mobilising the WeAre8 community to fight food insecurity in August and September.

Sue Fennessy, Founder and Global CEO of WeAre8:

"We are living in a global food crisis," says Sue Fennessy, Founder and Global CEO of WeAre8. "The staggering statistics of hungry families and wasted food need action - and we have built technology to make it so easy for people to take that action everyday.. Through our transformational advertising model, people can watch brand videos on WeAre8 and share their earnings from doing so, to charities like OzHarvest in Australia, The Hunger Project in New Zealand, FareShare in the UK, and America’s Food Rescue US, who work tirelessly to combat food scarcity and support those in need."

Rio Ferdinand OBE, Partner, WeAre8:

“There is enough food and enough wealth on the planet for everyone to have access to a meal every day. But sadly, too many people are stressed by food insecurity. Our technology has made it so easy for people to make a difference everyday and I am excited to be part of our 8ToPlate challenge this month.” 


• WeAre8’s social impact campaign will run from July 30, 2023 - September 17, 2023.
• During this period, anyone with a WeAre8 account can watch 2 minutes of brand videos on the app each day and pay forward the money earned to the four charity partners who either directly or indirectly contribute to meals being served to those less fortunate.

WeAre8 invites everyone to join this transformative campaign and help create a brighter future for individuals and families facing hunger. There are various ways you can support:

1. Get on WeAre8 and engage with brands: Download the WeAre8 app from Apple App Store or Google Play. As well as a positive social media platform where you can connect with friends and meet new creators, you can choose to watch 2 minutes of ads each day, and earn a share of the payments from brands for your time. You can then easily pay this money forward to the four charities that combat food scarcity, as you choose.

2. Advocate for WeAre8: Like and repost 8 To Plate posts from @weare8app on Instagram or TikTok, or share them on your social media to encourage others to join the movement.

3. Become a Voice for Change: Create a compelling video and share it on your social media to promote the campaign, such as sharing a photo of the plate of food you’re about to eat today and explaining that not everyone is able to put food on the table. Then use the messaging from this alert on how others can get involved like you are. Together, we can spread the word and inspire more individuals to get involved.


"With your support through the WeAre8 campaign, we can provide vital meals to people in need across Australia. Every donation counts, and together, we can ensure no one goes to bed hungry." Lisa Dainty, National Community Partnerships Manager from OzHarvest (Australia).

"By joining hands with WeAre8, we are facilitating the individual and collective action required to break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Together, we can build sustainable solutions that nourish lives and create brighter futures." Lisa Gunnery from The Hunger Project (New Zealand).

“1 in 5 people in the UK are struggling to afford food, meanwhile the equivalent of 7bn meals are going to waste. FareShare is working together with WeAre8 to fight hunger and tackle food waste together. For every 25p donated FareShare is able to distribute the equivalent of a meal to someone experiencing hunger in the UK. Thank you for supporting FareShare” Malina Atanasova, FareShare (United Kingdom).

"Food insecurity is a stark reality for millions of Americans, but together, we can make a profound difference. Let's unite and bring hope to those who are food insecure." Carol Shattuck, CEO Food Rescue US.

“By leveraging the power of social media, WeAre8 aims to foster a community of compassionate individuals who understand the importance of addressing food insecurity head-on. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of countless people who struggle to put food on their plates each day.” Sue Fennessy, WeAre8 CEO and founder.

WeAre8 is available to download now from Apple App Store or Google Play.


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