We're dancing with Greta, for our planet.

Sue Fennessy

Has anyone thought about how Greta Thunberg might be feeling after not being officially invited to COP26?

We were outraged that she was not inside representing the voice of the youth. So at WeAre8, we decided to dance in her honour at the palace gates in support of all the youth that are not being heard.

We know Facebook fuels climate misinformation, and now we join Greta and say "No more Blah Blah Blah. No more exploitation of people and the planet." At WeAre8, we make it so easy for all advertisers to redirect billions of dollars back to people and the planet. Our platform is carbon negative, guarantees better results and was built to unite and empower millions of people. So there are no more excuses.

Our industry needs to listen to Greta and demonstrate leadership. When we all dance together to the same beat, and take small actions every day on technology that empowers and does not exploit, we will save our precious earth.  

So please encourage your teams, friends and colleagues to download the WeAre8 app, bring the love, and #StandUnited for people and the planet.

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