WeAre8 Launches in Aotearoa New Zealand to Empower Collective Social and Environmental Change

WeAre8 NZ

WeAre8, a new purpose driven social media platform and the world's only B-Corp-certified social app, is now available in Aotearoa New Zealand following successful launches in the UK and Australia. With the support of high-profile Changemakers, including global football sensation Rio Ferdinand, Australian Cricket Captain, Pat Cummins, author, podcaster and climate advocate, Sarah Wilson and Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins, WeAre8 is out to make a big impact on the world through small daily actions.

WeAre8 is a social media platform that encourages its citizens to connect with like-minded people, share photos and videos and follow inspiring creators from across the world. The app allows users to receive a share of advertising revenue for watching brand videos that support social and environmental causes. People can choose to keep the money earned from the video views, or pay it forward to aligned charity partners on the app.

WeAre8 is the brainchild of Sue Fennessy, an Australian tech entrepreneur and founder of media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index. Sue has set out to transform the digital advertising sector and address the broken and divisive state of the social media industry. 

What separates WeAre8 from other social platforms is that no algorithm determines what content citizens watch, it has a zero tolerance for hate, ads are opt-in and every time a WeAre8 citizen chooses to watch one, money goes to a charity. WeAre8’s transformational advertising model shares 60% of its revenue back with people, charity and in support of climate change solutions. 

How it works: (View introduction video here)

  • WeAre8 Users (known as citizens on the WeAre8 app) are invited to experience WeAre8’s dual social feeds. One feed is called the 8Stage and is dedicated to spotlighting the work of verified creators on the platform. The other feed is a friends feed where you only see content from approved friends; both are free from ads and algorithms. 
  • 8Citizens can follow creators from around the world or become a verified 8Creator and contribute to a more mindful social media community on the 8Stage
  • Watch opt-in adverts and WeAre8 shares a portion of the revenue with you for your time. For every ad you choose to watch, you receive small payments in your 8Wallet that you can pay forward to the aligned charity partners or in support of climate solutions.
  • WeAre8 is an algorithm free social experience that actively encourages people to go and enjoy the rest of their day off their screens. 

WeAre8 CEO and founder Sue Fennessy said, “Technology and social media have divided us more than ever before. Algorithms control what we see, making our world smaller and more divided. It is not making us happier or more connected.

“At WeAre8, we're on a mission to empower individuals to join the social revolution and drive positive change in the world through small daily actions. We believe that together, we can create a world where everyone has the power to make a difference. We're committed to spreading love, not hate, and we won't tolerate any form of hate speech or discrimination. We believe in celebrating people for who they truly are and want to inspire everyone to use their voice to impact the world positively, because when we stand together, we are more valuable than we imagine."

Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins said, “The Wiggles’ mission has always been to educate and inspire through music and dance - spreading joy and sharing messages of inclusivity and harmony to families all over the world. I’m so excited to be a creator on an amazing platform like WeAre8 that also puts all these great values at the forefront. I love being inspired by all the different creators in the WeAre8 community and welcome New Zealand to get behind a platform where positivity is celebrated.”

WeAre8 has partnered with leading brands and charities for its New Zealand launch, including MECCA, Generation Zero, UNICEF Aotearoa, The Hunger Project New Zealand, Zeal and UnLtd

Jesse Boyce, CEO Zeal said, "It's exciting to partner with a movement that is disrupting the way we engage with social content. We know social media is such a massive part of the lives of young people and to partner with a platform like WeAre8 that sees its purpose as inspiring and empowering positive social change through such an important medium, it is a natural fit for us and the young people we serve."

Lizzie Young, WeAre8 APAC CEO and Global Growth Officer added, “We are really excited by the brands and charities who have chosen to align with us for our release into New Zealand. I believe the sustainable and ethical values of WeAre8 will really resonate in this market and the collective impact that could be made is nothing short of amazing. If only half of New Zealand’s four million social media users switched up their social habits for one month, and watched a couple of ads a day on WeAre8, more than $93 million would be shared back with people, charity and in support of the planet.”

WeAre8 is available to download now from Apple App Store or Google Play.
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For further WeAre8 information, please contact:

Luke Robinson 

Chief Marketing Officer, WeAre8

luke@weare8.com | +61 0417548688

About Sue Fennessy 

Sue Fennessy, founder and global CEO of WeAre8, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. 

From starting MM Communications at the age of 21 and growing it to over 100 people and 4 offices across Asia Pacific before selling to Omnicom in 2000, Sue has since built 3 successful businesses across the world, spanning entertainment, media, data, and communications. This includes founding and leading NY based media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index, which fueled decisions for the world's largest media and finance companies and gained her recognition as an innovator to watch by Forbes.

In 2020, Sue created WeAre8, the world's first B-corp certified social media ecosystem, built to transform the digital advertising sector and address the broken and divisive state of the social media industry. WeAre8 inspires and unites people in support of the planet, bringing together individuals, brands, and charities by sharing revenue for watching ads, while inspiring people with their power to change the world.

Sue has built technology to inspire and enable collective action - because together, we all have the power to overcome the world's biggest challenges and heal the planet.

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