You can make a difference on World Ocean Day and beyond

Sue Fennessy

It’s World Oceans Day and the need to come together to tackle the impact human actions are having on the world’s oceans is stronger than ever. Sir David Attenbourough presented the devastating impact our reliance and obsession with plastic is having back in 2017 with Blue Planet II, but the impacts are greater than plastic alone. Our diets and our need to reduce our carbon footprints are all contributing factors which are driving climate change in the wrong direction.

But why are the oceans so important? Did you know that 70% of earth’s surface is covered by the ocean, and it produces 50% of all the oxygen we breathe? The ocean is also a critical carbon sink, absorbing 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. The oceans influence weather patterns, regulate temperature and sustain all life on the planet. However, the sad truth remains: oceans continue to get warmer and with each rise, they are less productive.

Awareness and behavioural change is at the core of conserving the oceans so they can thrive and continue to play their critical role in keeping our most important stakeholder turning. As stated by the United Nations Secretary-General in his landmark speech on the state of the planet: “By changing our habits and making choices which have less harmful effects on the environment, we have the power to confront the climate challenge.

So, what can we do individually and collectively to drive change? As part of the WeAre8 community, we are calling on you to come together and understand how your actions both impact and, more importantly, can save the planet which provides us with a place to live and thrive on this World Oceans Day.

Join WeAre8 as we explore and share how we can all be the change and make a positive impact:

Did you know that you can have an enormous impact by making more responsible choices in your diet? Food is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Have you ever thought about the seafood you eat, where it comes from and the impact your choices have? Hop onto the WWF’s website where they have top tips on making more sustainable choices and test your knowledge with their seafood quiz.

Do you live near a beach, or are you planning a trip to the coast anytime soon? Join your local community in doing a beach cleanup  Not only is it fun and rewarding, it makes a real difference.

Making decisions that have a positive impact on climate change should start with  knowing your number. Sign up to Giki Zero where you can find out your own carbon footprint and then discover the many ways you can reduce it.

Keep an eye on the 8Stage and join the WeAre8 Community as we’ll be sharing more content on saving our oceans over the next few weeks. We want to hear from you as we unite people and drive collective positive action. Become verified as a creator today so you too can let us know what you’re up to this World Oceans Day 2022 by posting to your WeAre8 profile.

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