Charities. We love your work.

We exist to help you build awareness and raise funds to change the world.

On WeAre8, you are the recipients of funding and awareness.

We have created an ecosystem that drives 2 funding streams for your charity.

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From People.

People are valued and paid every time they watch an ad on WeAre8. 60% of every pound spent by brands is redirected back into people's pockets. We inspire people and make it easy for them to pay a percentage forward to you.

So please tell your donors to join WeAre8, earn money for watching brand videos and pay it forward to you. Get in touch if you would like to be added to the list of ‘pay it forward’ partners. 

From Brands.

When brands advertise on WeAre8, 5% of their total advertising spend is directed to a charity of their choice. Inspire your brand sponsors to choose you.

Contact us to be added to the brand buying engine.

WeAre8 brand buying engine

Share your news with the 8 community.

Tell us what you are up to and we will share the news with our growing community and encourage them to support you. We have created a community feed within our WeAre8 app to help get the word out. When people tap on your post, they will be directed back to your page to participate and learn more.

Share your content and our WeAre8 Community Lead, Maggie Chestler and her amazing team of content curators can help promote you to our community and across our social channels. 

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If you really want to advertise.

If you would like to publish ads through the WeAre8 system, we will redirect 65% of your media dollars back to you in a donation. Please get in touch with us and we discuss how we can help.  

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