Change Makers Catarina Lorenzo calls on the UN to protect the environment.

November 10, 2021

Sue Fennessy

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World leaders have failed us. We are seeing the devastating impact of climate change from years of inaction. Voices of youth are stepping up all around the world, calling for proactive action and steps to protect our planet for future generations.

Catarina Lorenzo sat down with WeAre8 CEO and Founder, Sue Fennessy, on how she is using her voice to speak up for nature to ensure a safe and healthy planet for all species.

Catarina’s call to protect nature.

At just 14 years old, Catarina Lorenzo has joined Children Vs. Climate Crisis, the petition led by 16 youth climate activists for accountability and action to protect the environment. (Yea, I said 14 years old… when I was 14 I was too afraid to even raise my hand to ask a question in class).

In Brazil, Catarina experienced the effects of climate change right, in her once beautiful backyard. Loving to surf, playing in the ocean, and embracing all nature has to offer she knew the earth was calling for our help. The rising temperatures caused a drier climate, leading to water shortages, forest fires, and the beaches were not the same. She took it upon herself to be the voice for the voiceless -  the trees, ocean, plants, forests, all species that make our planet not only survive but beautiful and fun.

How we can save planet Earth.

Big business and government leaders are not invested or even listening… plugging their ears and denying climate change because frankly, they’ll be dead. But us young people and the future generations to come are about to live in a horror movie.

Catarina calls on leaders because “It is our future and world leaders should hear us. If they don’t act to stop the climate crisis it is our future that will be affected.” It’s powerful voices, like Catarina’s, we need to elevate so they’re heard by all and taken seriously. I still am in awe at the resilience and commitment Catarina has to call on world leaders and we must stand behind her. We only have 8 years to reverse climate change. This isn’t a joke, this is real life.

Give Catarina a follow on Instagram and share her story. She wants us all to make small changes in our lives and community because when added up that will make a huge difference. Use your voice to stand up to corporations and world leaders that are messing with our future, it’s even as simple as a tweet. Support businesses that aren’t greenwashing and make hardstands for the safety of our planet.

If you’re a business leader - do the right thing. These youth voices are getting louder and have no plan to stop until there is climate action now (not 2050). Learn more about WeAre8 to support your consumers and the things that they care about.

Because when we all stand together, we’re so much stronger and can change this fate that was created for us by those who don’t care. Let’s change the world and save our shared home, Earth!

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Learn more about Children Vs. Climate Crisis and get involved with change makers, like Catarina.

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