The future of digital media has arrived

WeAre8 is a game-changing digital platform that gives back to people and the planet, all while driving transformational results for brands.

We Guarantee

Fully completed video views

Guaranteed 10% click through rate (Avg. 37%)

Automatic carbon offsetting & charity donation

Meaningful insights with every video view

it works

On WeAre8, ads are delivered in a transformational way. Having spent years working with behavioural scientists, WeAre8 know that this ad experience is what consumers want. We have created a format where people love watching ads. In fact, they ask us for more.



People download the WeAre8 app and begin their journey of being valued by the brand that advertise to them.



Consumers receive push notifications inviting them to watch ads over the top, via their own link, and on their own terms - guaranteeing the attention of the people you want to reach.



Your audience view your ad creative from start to finish. Enabling you to tell your whole story in mobile first formats of up to 2 minutes.



Then you have the unique opportunity to ask the target audience three questions at the very moment that they are fully engaged. Questions can help land key campaign messaging, create audience segments or inform future strategies. The choice is yours.


Click through

Consumers feel recognised and respected by brands on 8 which has helped drive our incredible average click through rate of 37% (0.9% on other platforms).


Explore landing page

Directly from the ad experience people have the oppurtunity to click through to and explore you landing page.



When consumers watch ads, they get valued for their time through payments into their WeAre8 wallet and donations are automatically made to charity too.


SAM-i is WeAre8’s innovative and intelligent sustainable ad manager for every brand and agency. SAM-i generates unparalleled attention with every campaign and enables the opportunity for transformational storytelling, by guaranteeing fully completed video views from your brand’s target audience. When you run your ads through SAM-i, every pound you spend builds trust with your target audience, makes a positive social impact and delivers better media results.

Deploy ad budget in support of people and the planet.

Work with us

We Serve

Our Client Success team can get your campaign up and running for you, offer you guidance on creative, as well as help optimise performance and report on results.

Self serve

Meet SAM-i

SAM-i, WeAre8’s sustainable ad manager, enables you to run your campaigns much more efficiently and effectively. You can buy your WeAre8 media on SAM-i, customise your audience, monitor your brilliant campaign performance, view your insights AND see how many charity donations have been made plus see how much carbon has been offset and charity donations have been made.

Case study

WeAre8 partnered with eBay to build awareness for the eBay for change initiative whilst simultaneously engaging audiences to create social impact directly. Download our case study to discover the transformational results this campaign generated.


“I can do good for the world - and get paid at the same time!”

- Becki B

"Time is our most valuable asset, before I felt like social platforms exploited me by using up hours of my day and bombarding me with creepily relevant ads. On 8, I feel safe and respected. The value of my attention is paid directly into my wallet where I have control of what to do with it."

- Will O

“A movement created for like-minded people. Changing the world for good!”

- Abby M

“I love how by spending just a couple of minutes on my phone every day, I can make a real difference.”

- Matt B

“Get paid real money for watching ads that usually get thrown at you, and support charities at the same time. What’s not to love?!”

- Debbie G

“The app is very easy to use - able to connect people with others that share (the same) values and create action.”

- Bradley D