Why a 3 second video view is a tragedy for brands and creatives.

Sue Fennessy

I am constantly in awe of the creative genius of brands and agencies who are releasing fast, responsive and culturally relevant content every week across all their channels. Ads, influencer content, talks, podcasts, thought leadership, social posts and collabs all get created with love and thought (for the most part) and then jammed into a distribution pipeline that interrupts people, is controlled by an algorithm and classifies a video view as just 3 seconds. THIS IS A TRAGEDY.

One of our large brand clients who creates incredible content, just put our tech into their internal content team so they could get immediate feedback, have guaranteed human attention and drive long form video views. The results blew our minds.

And this got me thinking.…..

Our content creators deserve better. We should all strike against the 3 second video view classification! Social is not going anywhere, but we now know it’s possible for brands to reclaim content distribution in a way that reconnects them with people and guarantees their attention. Forget 3 seconds video views, on WeAre8 we guarantee up to 2 minutes of attention.

I loved Founder & Editor, Joshi Herrmanns comment in a recent article “We don’t aim to do gazillions of three-second views, mainly because we can’t see value in them. If people are watching you for less than 30 seconds, can you honestly say they are paying attention to your content — and the ads on that video — at all?”

Creativity is the great differentiator of the human species and brands are waking up to their responsibility to support people and the planet. And let’s not forget, as brands we also want to build brand love and sell stuff. It is time for us to deliver brand videos in a better way. A more engaged way. Brand love and our planet depend on it. Literally.

If you create brand content, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to learn more about our tech and the audience attention that we bring your beautiful content. Guaranteed 30 second video views are table stakes. Our heartland is 2 minutes of guaranteed attention. The bonus is you become a co-collaborator with people in changing the world. We cannot wait to see what you do with our creative canvas. :)

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