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A social media feed curated by real people

Our reimagined social media feed, the 8Stage, is dedicated to positivity, sharing different perspectives of the world around us, nurtures community and encourages collective change.  Every day we curate the best content from the WeAre8 community into our 8on8 package, so you can start your day feeling inspired, energised and reconnected with the world around you.

8 minutes a day is all you need. After that we encourage our citizens to go and enjoy the real world.


The 8Stage is where the world unite. No more algorithms, no more hate, no more infinite feeds. Our feed is curated to help people imagine and, in turn, build a better way. Discover the greatest content, feel good when you scroll and be inspired to live more off your screen.


Installing continuity into charitable awareness and funding. Enabling charitable organisations to reach new people as well as communicate with audience members without paying for ads and fighting algorithms.

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