Help for Households with UK Gov

The cost of living crisis is hitting the UK hard and the Government wanted to provide energy-saving tips & actions to the public in a way that not only makes them feel supported and informed, but also valued for their time. Across February, March & April 2023, the UK Government together with OmniGOV united with WeAre8 to invite British citizens to engage with their 'It All Adds Up' campaign.


clicked-through for more energy-saving ideas


are interested in finding out more tips and now likely to visit


are likely to try some of the energy-saving tips after watching the ad

The solution

WeAre8 was able to guarantee fully completed views of the energy-saving tips video and offer people a chance to voice their opinions through the unique insights tool. As a result, WeAre8 built awareness of the energy tips & actions, educating the British public and increasing the perception of the UK Government's support. After being valued for their time, people then wanted to visit the Gov website to learn more.

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